Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp users, can they chat with each other?

User Facebook Messenger in the future can chat with WhatsApp users, reportedly the two applications will merge into one application, this is known based on leaks from the code development snippet from the application.

Sourced from the Wabetainfo website, it has found a discounted asset from the application WhatsApp which appears to present a Facebook Messenger table, then is this a sign that Facebook already has a solution because WhatsApp has an end-to-end encryption feature that makes it difficult to merge or cross-chat with Facebook Messenger to avoid information leaks.


So, what do you think if later Facebook Messenger Users can directly chat with WhatsApp Users with one application? we'll just wait for how Facebook will make it public, which should also be able to boost the popularity of their own application, Facebook Messenger.

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Via: Gsmarena | Source: Wabetainfo

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