OPPO Reno4 Indonesia sightings leaked on the Internet

#kamisukareview – Yesterday, OPPO Indonesia confirmed the presence Reno4 device. Not much information can be extracted about successors from Reno3 this. But there are some things that can be predicted from this device, one of which is the presence of a typical fast charging OPPO, VOOC Flash Charge.

The closer it gets to launch, the more obvious the presence of this device. Now, leaked design images of Reno4 device design. This Reno4 rear cross section image is quite unique, unlike usual which only presents plain colors with gradations.

The back of Reno4 comes with a combination of pitch-black gradations and repetitive and neatly arranged OPPO logo pieces, reminiscent of the designs of high-end fashion brands.

The design with repetition of this logo cut is made as an affirmation of the reno series that goes to premium devices. Gradation of movement between black and logo looks very smooth and unified.

At the top we can see the presence of the Reno4 camera wrapped in a rounded rectangular frame on each side. There, there are four main cameras, where 3 cameras have a profile rather protruding out.

While at the bottom there are LED flash lights. For the placement of the button itself is still the same as its predecessor where on the right side of the frame there is a power button and the left side there is a volume control button.

Reno4 has been introduced in China since early June. Reportedly, which will be marketed in Indonesia has different specifications from devices launched in China. If you see the successor, the possibility of this device will be sold in Indonesia at a vulnerable price of 5 to 6 million.

“We will introduce this cellphone soon in Indonesia in the near future, maybe in a matter of weeks. This device comes with an advantage in terms of video recording and the latest camera features that will attract consumers.

Of course, this series will come with the best hardware specifications in its class. However, it should be noted, the specifications of devices circulating in Indonesia will be different from those in China, “said Aryo Meidianto A, PR Manager OPPO Indonesia.

“This cellphone was officially introduced in China on June 6th. Like the Reno3 series, the cellphone that will be launched in Indonesia will bring different specifications. “

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