#kamisukareview – For you gamers, you will definitely be happy if the game being played runs smoothly without lag or even network disruption. But if it is more fun to play games, eh, the network that is used suddenly becomes a nuisance, certainly not funny right?

Now, to avoid signal interference, of course what I recommend is to use an internet service that has a stable speed. One of the providers that can afford this is IndiHome. Do not believe? Check out the following reviews!

Play Free Fire, COD, Until PB Becomes Smooth Using IndiHome

play freefire game on indihome

Initially I am a gamers who usually use the internet quota to play games. But if the internet quota is about to run out, usually my internet connection becomes a bit slow.

That's what makes me upset because my gaming experience is getting a little annoyed. Finally, I am interested in subscribing to IndiHome, which is one internet provider that has a stable speed.

During the use of IndiHome, I get an amazing experience when playing online games such as Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and even Point Blank. Never once did I experience network problems such as jumping pings or so on.

Not just for playing games, other activities such as watching YouTube are also smooth without buffering. Even though it was used by many people in one house, the connection was also smooth.

If you talk about internet speed, it's not complete if you don't provide proof. Well, the following are the results of SpeedTest that I did when using the IndiHome provider.

IndiHome SpeedTest Results Gamers

indihome gamers package without lag

Yaps! The picture above is the result of SpeedTest screenshot from IndiHome internet speed that I use. It seems that the speed is quite stable and the ping is also small.

Not just a test on a laptop, I also tested IndiHome's internet speed using the SpeedTest application on a smartphone that I normally use to play games. The result is the following.

indihome internet connection

It can be seen that the speed of the internet provider IndiHome both tested on a laptop or on a smartphone is not much different. That's because IndiHome provides a stable internet speed service.

Special Gamers Package from IndiHome

play games without lag

Well, IndiHome also has a special package for you gamers who want to feel the sensation of comfortable gaming without fear of connection problems.

Of course there are many benefits that you can get from IndiHome Gamers Package such as Exclusive Items that you can get for free, maximum internet speed, until there are many free gifts.

IndiHome Gamer Package prices are also quite cheap. You can subscribe to the package starting at Rp380,000. Do not believe? Just check in right away IndiHomeGamer.id.

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