#kamisukareview – Gimbal Stabilization technology on HP cameras is an innovation from vivo embedded in the latest X series, vivo X50 Pro. This technology is useful not only to support a more stable video recording function but also to help take photos and get better results.

HP Gimbal Stabilization technology on the Vivo X50 Pro itself comes with a combination of the main camera lens resolution of 48 megapixels (f / 1.6, Sony IMX598). Solution to provide better stability than traditional stabilization.

Gimbal Stabilization Camera HP Vivo X50 Pro

Vivo Indonesia's Product Manager, Hadie Mandala revealed, “Our research shows that 70% of bad photos and videos are produced due to shocks. vivo develops solutions to embed technology Dreadlocks Stabilization in vivo X50 Pro which provides better stability than traditional stabilization. “

It took a long time for Vivo to perfect the dreadlocks camera system at the beginning of its development. A stabilizer gimbal which is used as a separate hardware with a large size and weight, is now challenged to be embedded into a smartphone that is slim and without reducing its function.

Finally, through the prototype APEX 2020 vivo cellphone, it succeeded in introducing this breakthrough which was later refined on the vivo X50 Pro with a more proportional Gimbal size; 40% smaller, 1mm thinner, and can be positioned 0.13mm from the screen.

The presence of Vivo X50 Series is also the answer to the big challenge whether this technology can be mass produced and enjoyed by all users in the world.

How Dreadlocks Stabilization Technology Works

In traditional stabilizers that we have known as handheld gimbals, the device usually uses pivots, stands, gyroscopes, and sensors, allowing the camera to rotate along the axis smoothly, compensating for shocks and stabilizing the frame.

The Gimbal Camera System Module on the Vivo X50 Pro applies the same technology logic to stabilize the main camera, but with enhanced anti-shake capability.

When capturing an object, the main camera on the phone that is tilted, shaken or moved, will use the gyroscope power through the Gimbal Camera System which will calculate the direction and displacement of the shake. Using electromagnetic force, the entire Gimbal module will move in the opposite direction to compensate for the shock.

Throughout this process, the module adjusts its position with a refresh rate of 100Hz to achieve frame stabilization at any time. Using a double ball suspension structure or double ball cross structure, the angle achieved by the Gimbal Camera System module on the HP vivo reaches ± 3 ° or 300% greater than traditional OIS.

So that this setting allows the angle to reach the X-axis and the Y-axis can rotate and follow wherever the camera moves, even in stronger shocks, the angle of view will remain intact because the camera's position is at a stable point (full frame image stabilization).

To reduce the shock of the FPC (flexible printed circuit) connected to the lens module, the Gimbal Camera System on the Vivo X50 Pro has the longest and thinnest Double S-Type FPC that vivo has ever developed, with a thickness of only 0.07mm. This innovation makes the module can rotate more freely and minimally obstacles.

The gimbal module also has an innovative software component – Gimbal Radar, an on-screen animation feature in a photo preview view. An animated ball reflects the actual movement of dreadlocks, which shows when the frame is stable and guides the user to take photos and videos with clearer results.

Users can also see the actual movement of the Gimbal Camera System by looking at the main camera lens. In addition, because of the Gimbal Camera System, the main camera that looks like an eye or “The Big Eye” on the back of the vivo X50 Pro, functions as a distinctive design element that only belongs to vivo.

Super Stable With Gimbal Stabilization on the HP Camera

The stabilizing effect of Gimbal Stabilization technology at HP also serves to increase overall light sensitivity when low light condition. So that in low light conditions, Vivo X50 Pro will automatically activate Extreme Night Vision along with AI Noise Reduction algorithm that allows users to take photos or videos at night better.

HP's Gimbal Stabilization technology supports a zoom algorithm developed by vivo to achieve 60x Hyper Zoom, producing long-distance photos with stable results. For nature photography lovers, the Astro Mode feature can be optimized to capture images of shining stars.

Not only to produce more stable photos, the Gimbal Camera System also allows users to record video more stable in any condition by creating stability in 5 axes. This technology helps users produce anti-shock videos through the Ultra Stable Video feature.

With the Pro Sports Mode function, the Vivo X50 Pro can also take moving pictures with virtually no pause thanks to the combination of the Gimbal Stabilization system and a special sensor that can reduce exposure time. This feature can also easily capture motion or jump poses with amazing speed and precision.

The Motion AF Tracking function allows the user to lock any object in the frame and stay focused on the object, even when the object is out of range and stabilizes the center of the image, as well as locking sound through 3D Sound Tracking, so that the sound focus is only on the desired object.

“With the complex process behind its development, Gimbal Stabilization technology has become a new milestone in the technology developed by Vivo.

“In addition to video results that are more stable, the existence of technology on the Vivo X50 Pro also makes it easy for photography lovers to capture more quality photos in any condition without having to carry a separate Gimbal device,” said Edy Kusuma, Senior Brand Director of Vivo Indonesia.

Price of the HP Vivo X50 Series

Vivo X50 Series is available in two choices, Vivo X50 Pro at a price of Rp. 9,999,000 and Vivo X50 at a price of Rp. 6,999,000. vivo opened the Pre-Order program from July 16, 2020 to July 24, 2020.

Pre-Order will take place through the Blibli.com vivo Official Store as an official e-Commerce partner, and offers many immediate benefits such as vivo TWS Neo and Google Nest Mini.

Pre-Ordering offline through Vivo Store throughout Indonesia can also be done from until 24 July 2020, and consumers will get immediate benefits such as vivo TWS Neo + V Lite Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with a total value of up to 2 million rupiah.

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