#kamisukareview – realm is ready to launch the realm C15, their monster battery smartphone to Indonesia and the first time in the world. This is the HP realm with 6000mAh battery which is supported by 18W Quick Charge. Really a brave step from vendors who are still the category of onions. Salute!

realm shows commitment to meet diverse and specific user demands in the entry-level segment with trendsetting technology in the battery & charging technology and trendsetting design sector.

HP C15 realme large battery claimed the vendor will lead the monster battery trend in the smartphone industry by presenting a combination of 6000mAh + 18W quick charge for the first time to meet user demand for large batteries and fast charging.

hp realm c15 6000mah

6000mAh Cellphone and 18W Charger

One interesting note, this HP will be launched on July 28 in Indonesia as the first country in the world through live streaming titled # 6000mAh PowerNonstop. And, Iqbaal Ramadhan, Brand Ambassador of Indonesian realm, will be present at the launching event for the first time.

He will invite young people to take part in the # 6000mAhPowerNonstop TikTok Dance competition which has a C15 reality prize and other interesting prizes. In the entry-level segment, realm is always trying to make smartphone users in this segment use their smartphones optimally.

This cellphone is the perfect combination of a 6000mAh mega battery and 18W Quick Charge. This product is the right answer for fans' requests for a large battery that is durable and equipped with fast charging.

Just for the info, realm itself has experienced rapid growth amidst the current challenges. Through its C series, Realme has created a “Entry-Level King” product to meet the diverse demands of users in this segment.

the C-series realm is highly praised for its quality with a large battery, large screen and trendy design among young people. Now, the C-series realm has been used by more than 13 million users worldwide, as proof that entry-level realm smartphones are well received.

“In reality, we are always committed to bringing trendsetting technology to all segments, including entry-level segments. Today, I am very pleased to announce that we will launch the C15 realm for the first time globally.

“Bringing a 6000mAh + 18W Quick Charge mega battery combination to Indonesia. This is all we do because we hear and want to meet the needs of smartphone users in Indonesia for long battery life with fast charging technology, “said Palson Yi – Marketing Director of Realme Indonesia.

large hp batteries at cheap prices

C15 realm specifications

For the first time, the reality of combining a large battery with 18W Quick Charge increases charging speed and reduces charging time compared to other large battery smartphones without a fast charging solution.

Indonesia was specifically chosen to be the first country in the world to enjoy the technological sophistication that HP brings. realm will also present trendsetting technology and other trendsetting designs in the C1 realm.

From the camera sector, for example, this HP will be the first entry-level smartphone to carry quad-camera technology. The quad-camera configuration has also been redesigned in a trendy box module which has been liked by many users in the previous C series reality.

This large battery cellphone will be launched for the first time globally in Indonesia with the theme “6000mAh Power Nonstop” on July 28 at 13:00 WIB via live broadcasts from the Indonesian channel YouTube realm, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and realme.com.

Realme has created an energetic choreography and invited young people across Indonesia to join the # 6000mAh PowerNonstop Dance Competition at TikTok. This competition will take place from July 22 to August 8 with abundant prizes.

To take part in the # 6000mAhPowerNonstop Dance competition in TikTok, young people only need to follow the # 6000mAhPowerNonstop dance movement from the realm and upload the video on a private TikTok account with the hashtag # 6000mAhPowerNonstop during the period.

On the day of its release, the latest HP realm will soon be available on the online platform http://realme.com/en, Lazada and Akulaku. Realme also invites customers to collect vouchers for a limited period at realme.com/id and Lazada from 21 – 28 July.

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