Android Application to Make Instagram Story More Violent, Check Number 5

#kamisukareview – Currently, Instagram has provided accessories to be added to your Instagram Story, but in the Tips Tricks article this time, we have 5 of the best applications that can make your Instagram Story look more cool. Yups, this Instagram Story application is useful you know.

As we all know, Instagram is often used as a promotional tool, other than on timeline,You can also use Instagram Story to promote, displaying photos or content that you want to share to friends.

To improve competitiveness and make your IG Story content more unique, the following Instagram Story application you might try:

1. Adobe Spark

This Application Can Make Your Instagram Story More Violent
Adobe Spark Post

This application made by Adobe is one of the applications that can make your IG Story look more appealing, you don't have to bother thinking about the form of design you want to display because the application Spark Post has provided a variety of templates that are ready for you to use. You only need to change the text or words, if you want, you can also replace the picture with the photos you have.

2. Unfold

This Application Can Make Your Instagram Story More Violent

Application Unfold indeed it seems created for those who love to tell stories through IG Story, no wonder if this application has tagline a toolkit for storytellers “. Through this application, users can use 6 types of fonts and choose 25 templates that are ready to use, if still lacking, there are 60 premium templates that are ready to use.

3. Story Art

This Application Can Make Your Instagram Story More Violent

As the name implies, the application StoryArt will make it easier for you to make IG Story a touch of art. Having 200 attractive templates and 20 themes such as film, retro, marble and others, StoryArt will make your IG Story look professional, and that makes it interesting, this application provides a new template every day.

4. DesignLab

This Application Can Make Your Instagram Story More Violent

Application DesignLab very interesting and will make it very easy for you to create interesting IG Story content, unfortunately, you might be a little annoyed by the ads that appear. But the template provided is very interesting and this application offers you to manipulate photos before posting.

5. Canva

This Application Can Make Your Instagram Story More Violent

Besides being available for desktop, applications Canva Also available for use on mobile devices, Canva provides templates to share with existing social media such as Twitter, Facebook and of course Instagram. This application offers convenience for designing various illustrations, we recommend this application in addition to free, canva also not display too many ads. You can change the picture, text or even make your own design from scratch.

Thus the 5 applications that we think are best for beautifying your IG Story content, happy designing!

Instagram (also called IG or Insta (9)) is a photo and video sharing application that allows users to take photos, take videos, apply digital filters, and share them to various social networking services, including Instagram's own.

One unique feature on Instagram is cutting photos into square shapes, so they look like the results of Kodak Instamatic and polaroid cameras. This is different from the 4: 3 or 16: 9 aspect ratio that is commonly used by cameras on mobile devices.

The main use of Instagram is as a place to upload and share photos with other users. Photos that you want to upload can be obtained through the iDevice camera or the photos in the photo album on the iDevice.

Photos that have been taken through the Instagram application can be stored in the iDevice. The use of the camera through Instagram can also directly use existing effects, to adjust the coloring of the photo desired by the user.

There is also the effect of a tilt-shift camera whose function is to focus a photo at one particular point. After the photo is taken through the camera in Instagram, the photo can also be rotated in accordance with the wishes of the users.

Photos that will be uploaded via Instagram are not limited to a certain number, but Instagram has limited size for photos. The size used in Instagram is a ratio of 3: 2 or only limited to the shape of the box.

Users can only upload photos with that format, or must first edit the photo to adjust the format. After the users choose a photo to upload on Instagram, the user will be taken to the next page to edit the photo.

To encourage users to create and share more content on the platform, Instagram has announced Instagram Stories, a feature that allows users to send photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours.

These features such as Snapchat Stories, Snapchat features were introduced in 2013 and are an important part of the company's growth.

Like Snapchat, photos and videos shared on Instagram are temporary and cannot be seen after 24 hours.

Content shared to stories will also not appear on your grid profile or in Instagram feeds.

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