#kamisukareview – If the camera on your cellphone suddenly becomes blurry, don't panic because there is an easy way to deal with the blurry camera results.

These problems can occur both for the rear camera and the camera on the front. Here are tips on how to overcome these problems that you might be able to do.

The step that you might be able to take is torestart Your cellphone, forcibly closes the camera application or cleans memory cache on your cellphone. But if all that doesn't work to fix the camera like this, you can do this.

Overcoming Blurred HP Cameras

Cell phone cameras that turn into blurry can not be caused by several things, because the camera components in HP have a series of modules that are quite complex. So maybe there are parts that are stuck.

If the camera on your cellphone has manual mode, enter the mode and gesture slider left and right to see whether there are changes to the image currently displayed or not.

If the above method does not work to fix the HP camera like this, you might be able to do something simple that might seem classic, turn your cell phone over so that the surface of the camera is facing down then tap on your cell phone and this can usually make the camera on your cellphone back in focus .

If the above doesn't work, you might have to shake the phone a bit harder or press it firmly with your palm, although this step sounds counter-intuitive, but sometimes it can make the camera on your cell phone work again.

Cause The HP Camera Becomes Blurry

There are many things that cause a cellphone camera to become problematic, it could be because there are components that are jammed due to dust, shock or liquid that enters the camera module, usually this happens after your cell phone falls into the water or it gets rained on.

But if your cellphone camera continues to blur and can not return to normal it helps you bring it to the place service center to ask more competent technicians.

As information, a digital camera is an electronic device that is used to visualize the situation around using a sensor in the form of a digital format and stored in digital storage media (memory). The camera is a tool for making images of objects for further refraction through the lens on the CCD sensor and the end recently the BSI-CMOS (Back Side Illuminated) sensor is more power efficient for more sophisticated cameras whose results are then recorded in digital format on digital storage media.

The ease of digital cameras is the results of images that are quickly known to the results instantly and the ease of transferring results (transfer).

Some digital cameras, especially DSLRs and high-end cameras are equipped with RAW facilities that can be followed up on a computer using certain software for best results, but at this time the Auto Mode facility has produced good images in JPEG format.

The camera sensor is an image capture sensor also known as CCD (Charged Coupled Device) and CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) and the latest BSI-CMOS (Back Side Illumination CMOS) which consists of more millions of pixels (MP-mega pixels). In 2013, almost all cameras had used BSI-CMOS which was more power efficient, but could produce better images.

This sensor is in the form of a chip which is located just behind the lens. The more pixels captured, the more it is possible to print large images with sufficient image detail (limited by the capacity of photo printing paper which is usually 300dpi (dot per inch), while using a printer can produce higher dpi).

To produce photos the size of a postcard with 300dpi enough to use a 3MP camera. The quality of the photo is not determined by the size of the MP, but by the quality of the sensor, the processor of the camera and finally the lens, in contrast to film cameras where the quality of the lens is more decisive.

The LCD screen can also help to see photos instantly after the picture is taken, so that the photographer can decide to take another picture or not.

LCD screen (LCD display) is a screen that is useful for viewing camera settings and what sort of shots will be captured by the camera sensor.

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