#kamisukareview – Telkomsel's steps and commitment in the mobile gaming industry and the esport community in the country are getting more serious. The number one telecommunications operator in Indonesia continues to maximize its role as a society enabler. Encouraging the development of mobile gaming including supporting the esport ecosystem in this country with various supports.

Some of the things Telkomsel does is by maximizing the company's digital assets to connect the community in the esport ecosystem in Indonesia. One of them through World of Games and by holding events related to esport and support to the community.

Exist in the Mobile Gaming Industry and Esport Ecosystem

Telkomsel's actions in the mobile gaming industry or game ecosystem as a whole are evident through the World Games. With the strengthening of the esport ecosystem in Indonesia, including opening up opportunities for mobile game activists to accelerate their abilities and strengthen community relations to remote areas of the country.

These efforts have further complemented the consistency of World Games in running the four main pillars of its services which include community media portals, game publishers, competition organizers, and payment services.

Just look, the title of the Indonesia Games Championship or IGC 2020 competition presented by Telkomsel through the World Games was attended by 31,442 participants / mobile game activists from all regions in Indonesia. Through this event, World Games is committed to developing the mobile gaming industry.

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Positive Development of IGC 2020

Since rolling in May 2020, the administration of IGC 2020 has been very special because even though it was held in the midst of a pandemic emergency, the competition was able to attract more participants compared to the previous two editions.

The number of IGC 2020 participants was recorded to increase by 51% compared to IGC 2019, and around 190% when compared to the initial implementation in 2018.

To date, a total of around 31,442 participants, divided into 7,234 teams, have participated in the IGC 2020 event, of which more than 1,200 are female participants, divided into 300 teams.

In addition, the participation of participants in IGC 2020 also expanded, with all participants coming from 457 districts / cities in Indonesia. The distribution of IGC 2020 participants was quite evenly distributed in the regions of Kalimantan, Papua & Maluku, and Bali & Nusa Tenggara, each of which was represented by more than 350 teams or around 1,500 participants.

While the Sulawesi and Sumatra regions were each represented by around 450 teams or 1,900 participants, and 1,000 teams or 4,300 participants. Java Island remains the region with the largest number of participants, with 2,191 teams or 9,225 participants.

The growing number of participants, the participation of female participants, and the widespread distribution of IGC 2020 participant representatives from various regions in Indonesia further adds to Telkomsel's optimism in continuing its commitment to building an inclusive digital ecosystem in Indonesia.

“Since the beginning decided to be serious in transforming into a leading digital telecommunications company in Indonesia, Telkomsel is confident that the digital service business such as mobile gaming will be more widespread,” said Telkomsel General Manager Games and Publishing Auliya Ilman Fadli.

It also encourages Telkomsel to continue to make World Games as one of the digital service generators that can strengthen the digital economic potential of the community not only in big cities in Indonesia.

Digital Services Supporting the Mobile Gaming Industry

Aside from being serious in developing a digital lifestyle-based business by presenting a variety of the latest digital products and services, Telkomsel also consistently strives to improve the quality of customer experience in enjoying digital services.

Until the first quarter of 2020, Telkomsel has deployed more than 219,000 BTS throughout Indonesia, most of which are 3G and 4G broadband BTS.

Entering the middle of this year, Telkomsel has also planned to expand the coverage of the 4G LTE network through the addition of more than 25,000 4G LTE BTS which are focused to support customer activities in all corners of the country, especially in residential areas.

Telkomsel has also recently launched a VoLTE technology service network in a number of big cities such as Jakarta, Depok, Bekasi, Tangerang, Bogor and Surabaya. Allows users to make 4G LTE-based phone calls without interrupting the activity of playing mobile games on their device.

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Push Interesting Games & Applications

Just information, IGC 2020 matches four games, namely League of Legends, Free Fire, Call of Duty Mobile, and Arena of Valor. The competition has entered the national qualification round and will hold a Grand Final at the end of August.

Interesting game and application options have become Telkomsel's strategy for driving the mobile gaming industry. Since its establishment in 2013, Dunia Games has consistently developed a comprehensive and sustainable esport ecosystem in Indonesia through four main pillars, namely community media portals, game publishers, competition organizers, and payment services.

As the largest gaming portal in Indonesia, Dunia Games has more than 10 million monthly visitors and provides direct carrier billing to bring the convenience of purchasing applications and digital game content using pulses.

In addition, Dunia Games has also released four game titles, namely Shellfire, Lord of Estera, Rise of Nowlin, and Kolak Express 3, and has held more than 1,000 offline events throughout Indonesia.

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