Vivo X50 Pro Review – Not Just a Gimbal Camera Phone

vivo X50 Pro

Vivo brand mobile phones have long been circulating in Indonesia, but only now Vivo finally dare to release their flagship class phone in Indonesia, vivo X50 Pro.

Like the current mobile phone output, the Vivo X50 Pro carries 4 rear cameras and the unique main camera uses dreadlocks stabilization technology. This is the first time dreadlocks technology has been used on a cellphone.

vivo X50 Pro is indeed not the most sophisticated mobile phone from vivo at the moment, there are still vivo X50 Pro + that have not been released in Indonesia. Even so vivo X50 Pro managed to bring good quality in various sectors like a flagship phone.

The design

vivo X50 Pro

The front view of the Vivo X50 Pro is not much different from today's flagship phones, the screen that fills the front with an arch at the side and a small hole at the top of the screen for camera placement.

What makes the vivo X50 Pro captivating is the look of the sides and back of the phone. Wrapped by an aluminum frame and a glass body with a metallic gray color that looks bluish to make this phone look charming from various sides.

The cellphone is easy to hold and not slippery in the hand. The glass on the back of the phone feels smooth to the touch. The shape and weight of the cellphone are still comfortable when held in one hand.

vivo X50 Pro

There is a camera bulge on the back of the phone which is a place for 4 rear camera Vivo X50 Pro. In addition there is also a set of flash lights next to the bulge of the camera and vivo logo with silver color on the lower left side.

All the physical buttons of the phone such as volume and power control are located on the right side. At the bottom of the phone there is a speaker hole, a USB-C port and a dual SIM card slot. Unfortunately, there is no microSD slot and headphone jack and no waterproof and dust certification.

I personally really like this vivo X50 Pro design. To be honest, I immediately fell in love at first sight to the Vivo X50 Pro because of its charming design. But of course a charming design is not enough for a flagship phone.


vivo X50 Pro

vivo X50 Pro uses a 6.56 “AMOLED screen with FHD + resolution (2376 x 1080 pixels) and a refresh rate of 90Hz. The screen is bright and remains easy to see when the cell phone is used in the hot sun.

The refresh rate of 90Hz may not be as sophisticated as other flagship class phones that can reach 120Hz but in everyday use the results are still comfortable in the eyes, the animation on the cellphone display looks smooth.

By default the refresh rate on the Vivo X50 Pro is set to Smart Switch mode where the phone will automatically use a certain refresh rate depending on the situation. If desired, the refresh rate can be set manually but it should be noted that a high refresh rate will be more wasteful of battery usage.

The vivo X50 Pro screen is protected by a plastic screen protector. This screen protector is quite good quality but if not desired can be removed easily.

Under the vivo X50 Pro screen is an optical model fingerprint scanner. The scanning process is quite fast but if the fingerprint is slightly wet the cellphone is rather difficult in processing the fingerprint scan and is also less safe than the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner.


vivo X50 Pro

In the performance sector, the Vivo X50 Pro uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon SDM765G chipset which is below the chipset class commonly used by flagship class phones.

AnTuTu vivo X50 Pro scores only 328,661 and GeekBench 638 for single-core and 1,955 for multi-core. All of this shows that technically the vivo X50 Pro chipset is more inferior than other flagship phones.

But for day-to-day use, the cellphone feels fast, both for playing games and social networking. The disturbance that I found was only on the camera that sometimes looked stutter but this was not so disturbing.

This phone presents 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage which is quite extensive. The amount of internal storage is important to cover the lack of a microSD slot in the Vivo X50 Pro.

For the speakers, Vivo X50 Pro only provides a mono speaker at the bottom of the phone which is susceptible to being muted by the hand when the phone is used to play games in landscape position. Somewhat unfortunate actually for a flagship phone.

On the battery life side, the Vivo X50 Pro is quite durable thanks to its 4,315mAh battery. With this phone I can get a Screen on Time of about 5 hours 30 minutes from a 100% to 10% battery for my daily activities which are quite active.

When the battery is tested using the PCMark application with the battery at 100% level, the screen refresh rate at 60Hz, and the screen brightness level of 50% the cell phone scores 12 hours 25 minutes.

To charge the battery, the Vivo X50 Pro uses vivo FlashCharge 2.0 technology, which is able to charge the battery quickly. When tested the battery can be charged from the 10% to 100% level within 1 hour 6 minutes.


vivo X50 Pro

There are 4 rear cameras in the Vivo X50 Pro consisting of a 48MP dreadlocks main camera, a 13MP portrait camera, an 8MP super wide-angle camera with 120 ° angle range, and an 8MP telephoto camera with up to 5x optical magnification. For the front camera using a 32MP camera.

Gimbal stabilization technology in the Vivo X50 Pro works not only to stabilize video recording but also to increase light sensitivity when shooting in low-light areas and to stabilize remote photos.

Overall the Vivo X50 camera produces good photos in various situations both during the day and at night.

vivo X50 Pro - Camera

vivo X50 Pro - Camera

vivo X50 Pro - Camera

The majority of photos produced by Vivo X50 Pro during the day look good and are quite accurate in color. But sometimes I find the resulting color looks brighter, for example in the photo above the color of the leaf looks light green.

vivo X50 Pro

For the ultra wide-angle camera on this phone several times I have found producing noise in photos in areas that are rather dark and details are not well recorded. For example in the photo of this train can be seen in the lower left side of the photo looks quite ketara noise.

vivo X50 Pro - Camera - Super macro

Although the Vivo X50 Pro does not have its own macro camera, there is a Super Macro mode available in the camera application that uses an ultra wide-angle camera so that the phone can photograph a motorcycle taxi at very close range.

Portrait photos on the Vivo X50 Pro are often not very good and the camera settings are less intuitive. Often between the side of the object that is the focus of the photo with the background of the photo is not smooth blur effect and even very visible in certain situations.

vivo X50 Pro - Camera

1x Zoom

vivo X50 Pro - Camera

2x Zoom

vivo X50 Pro - Camera

5x Zoom

vivo X50 Pro - Camera

60x Zoom

For the enlargement of the photo vivo X50 Pro can zoom up to 60x. This can be done thanks to a combination of optical enlargement from the telephoto camera with the photo enlargement algorithm from Vivo. The result vivo X50 Pro is able to record photos properly for object photos that are in the distance.

vivo X50 Pro - Camera

vivo X50 Pro - Camera

Like portrait photos using the back camera, portrait photos with the front camera also results in less neat blur effects. By default the face beautifying mode is automatically activated so that the face display becomes smoother, if not desired this feature can be turned off easily.

vivo X50 Pro - Camera

vivo X50 Pro - Camera

vivo X50 Pro - Camera

At night vivo X50 Pro is able to produce photos that remain sharp and bright. If necessary the Night mode is available to photograph objects at night brighter. Unfortunately in certain situations night photos in areas of the sky that should be dark instead become too bright.

Talking about the camera on the Vivo X50 Pro it feels incomplete if you don't see what the video results from this phone that uses a dreadlocks camera. Here is a short video recording produced by Vivo X50 Pro. As a comparison I also show a similar video but produced by Samsung Galaxy S20 +.

At first glance there are no significant differences between the two videos but the Vivo X50 Pro produces videos with smoother camera movements. The lack of this difference shows that stabilization with software is quite sophisticated in today's phones.

For more complete vivo X50 Pro photos, see This Google Drive.


From all aspects of the vivo X50 Pro phone, there is one thing I don't like, which is the software. vivo X50 Pro uses the Funtouch OS operating system version 10.5 of their own, which is based on Android 10.

The Funtouch OS's appearance is not very similar to the iPhone's appearance like the old vivo cellphone, it's simpler and more interesting. But beyond that the various points in the software seem not intuitive and disproportionate.

The notification area of ​​the screen looks too small and the objects can only display a few notification symbols even though in fact in the notification area there is still a lot of free space. I also didn't find a way to change this in the phone's settings menu.

By default Funtouch OS also limits the various application processes that run in the background. The point is actually good to save battery usage, but this makes some applications and notifications not work properly. Examples include the Alarmy alarm app, which makes the alarm sound late and whose popup notifications are invisible.

Notifications from the application also sometimes do not appear when the phone is not in use, new notifications can appear when the phone is unlocked.

Actually, Funtouch OS presents a feature that allows applications to run in the background if the battery usage is high, but when I try some applications still do not run properly.

vivo X50 Pro battery management

After I checked here and there I found that I also needed to lockdown the application so that it could run in the background properly. However, the way to do this is somewhat complicated and hidden, namely by opening the display of the newly run application, then touching the menu button in the upper right corner of the application's thumbnail, and touching the Lockdown menu.

I can't find a way to see which apps have been locked down and which haven't been easily accessed from one screen. Plus the guide from the official VIVO website is also not clear about this. Even if there is it for the old version of Funtouch OS that has not been updated with the latest Funtouch OS appearance.

vivo X50 Pro Browser

Left: homepage view on Chrome. Right: default browser homepage display.

Another annoying thing about Funtouch OS is the ads in the default web browser and also in Chrome that is already installed. By default the homepage in Chrome is set to the vivo webpage which looks like the original Chrome homepage but is loaded with ads. Luckily this can be changed to the Chrome default homepage.

To migrate data from old mobile phones to Vivo X50 Pro is quite easy by using the default file sharing application Funtouch OS namely EasyShare even though the features themselves are somewhat hidden in Easy Share.


vivo X50 Pro

Vivo X50 Pro is a sophisticated and attractive flagship phone that is unfortunately dragged down by its less intuitive software. Its performance is fast enough for everyday use even though on paper it is inferior to other flagship phones.

The battery in the Vivo X50 Pro is durable and can be charged quickly enough. The camera is also capable of producing good photos in various situations.


  • Appear charming
  • A capable camera
  • Durable battery
  • Quality screen


  • Software still needs a lot of improvement
  • Mono speaker
  • Not waterproof and dust
vivo X50 Pro

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