OPPO Reno4 Indonesia Specifications and Price: Mobile For Today's Generation

#kamisukareview – Specifications and prices OPPO Reno4 has been waiting for the OPPO fans. This latest generation smartphone will be one of the favorite challengers in the upper middle segment. The vendor buried a capable camera to the performance and attractive design.

Arguably, the biggest challenge of smartphone manufacturers is to create a balance of devices that are comfortable to hold, and to bring the latest features to the device, while maintaining a sleek design to provide comfort to its users.

the price of oppo reno4

OPPO Reno4 Quick Review

OPPO Reno4 specifications and prices are built through the power of OPPO research & development (R&D), by optimizing design and performance. This device is ready to become a new favorite in the segment that becomes its target market.

The design

Not only focus on a slim device, OPPO optimizes every millimeter dimension size and reduces every gram of weight to create a Reno4 device with a weight of 165g and a thickness of 7.7mm, presenting a very ergonomic design when held.

The rear section of the Reno4 is reinforced using heat-resistant steel sheets and makes the body 0.15mm thinner.

In addition, smartphones have certain components on the mainboard that can reduce the thickness of the device up to 0.3mm. Reno4 also uses Hidden Fingerprint Unlock 3.0 which has a thickness of only 0.27mm.

This cellphone has a Quad-Cam with a slightly raised camera frame on the back. The Reno4 series combines two different textures. On the rear body of the upper left side of the section, a rectangular frame accommodates the four rear cameras that come in shiny colors.

This Quad-Cam layout makes the Reno4 look futuristic and the device design looks more modern. The cross section of the back of the device is reinforced with Corning Gorilla Glass 3 glass.

He has the choice of the color Space Black, which looks like a mysterious space with bright spots. Although the rear cross section has a dark color, it will still look shiny when exposed to light effects.

At the bottom, there is the OPPO logo monogram, which looks like a high-end fashion brand design, emphasizing the impression of elegance and style.

Galactic Blue is a unique color in Reno4 with the “Reno Glow” technique. The new “Reno Glow” technique that was introduced in the Reno4 Series gives a finishing touch of a matte texture, with very fine sparkle details that present a more premium feel.

This cross section consists of many layers with a mixture of blue colors. The dark blue color radiates from the middle to the top, producing a silver color with a natural transition.

Galactic Blue also presents a rear cross section with a premium texture, a unique mixture of matte and gloss textured materials combined with a mesmerizing refracting effect.

oppo reno4 design

Camera feature

AI Color Portrait Mode

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Color Portrait Mode is a new feature that supports photo and video functions, making the background black and white while keeping human objects in their true colors.

This feature displays very clear colors and contrasts so as to make the photo look like a work of art that will become a trend among young people. Even more interesting, AI Color Portrait is also available for video recording.

Monochrome Video

Monochrome Video or monochrome video is a combination of three types of video filters that add effects that resemble widescreen movies by only maintaining the red, green, or blue color of objects in the video.

While other environments in the video only have black and white. The above feature also supports real-time preview so that the user knows the appearance of the recording before deciding to take a picture.

Night Flare Portrait

Night Flare Portrait is supported by the Low Light HDR algorithm and the bokeh algorithm, this feature will produce an artistic neon effect on the background (background) of people's photo objects.

This effect will be seen when the results of photographs taken in locations that are full of urban lights flickering, which makes the object photos appear brighter.

960fps Smart Slow Motion

With 960fps Smart Slow Motion, you will be able to capture 960 frames in one second and capture slow motion shots in the middle of an action video, either when you capture micro expressions for a fraction of a second, or when you splash water or colored powder.

Smartphones can also take slow motion video at 480fps @ 1080P, 240fps @ 720P and 120fps @ 1080P on the back camera. Reno4 also allows users to take slow motion videos in 240fps @ 720P and 120fps @ 1080P with the front camera.

Ultra Steady Video 3.0

On this device, Ultra Steady Mode will debut on the front camera for the first time. The Reno4 front camera is equipped with an Electronic Image Stabilization algorithm.

Front Ultra Steady Video can work with most filters at 30fps @ 720P and 30fps @ 1080P, and with bokeh and video beautification features at 30fps @ 720P.

Ultra Steady Video 3.0 uses enhanced image stabilization to make it easier for users to capture stable videos from a high-intensity activity.

In addition, the rear camera has Ultra Steady Video and Ultra Steady Video Pro that allows users to record video more stable when walking, running, or biking.

Ultra Night Selfie Mode

Powered by a 32MP front camera, Reno4 offers Ultra Night Selfie Mode to optimize nighttime selfie photos by brightening low-light environments and photo objects, especially on faces.

Ultra Dark Mode

The Ultra Dark Mode feature can work automatically when taking photos in a dim environment with the back camera. The camera automatically illuminates a dark environment so photos become brighter and clearer, even though there is only 1 lux of light or the equivalent of 1 candle burning in a dark room.

Ultra Clear 180MP Image

This latest smartphone can take very clear photos up to 108MP during the day with high-resolution algorithms that feature images with retinal clarity to capture rich details and textures, such as when shooting close-up shots of delicious food.


Available in ColorOS 7.2, a smart video editor made specifically for OPPO smartphones, SoLoop, offers more exciting features that have been updated to make it easier for users to make videos with just one tap.

SoLoop offers a music editor that can automatically cut recordings and synchronize them with changes to music melodies. SoLoop uses an AI algorithm to intelligently select the most interesting parts of a video clip.

oppo reno4 camera

Performance & Features

Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G

This HP is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G SoC processor made with an 8nm fabrication process and Low Power DDR4X Semiconductor.

Compared to the MTK P95 on Reno3 Pro, single-core CPU performance increased by around 46% and multi-core CPU performance increased by around 26% based on Geekbench test results. Meanwhile, GPU performance increased by about 40% according to Manhattan test results.

30W VOOC 4.0

VOOC 4.0 supports charging up to 5V / 6A 30W, which can charge 4015 mAh batteries up to 50% in 20 minutes and 100% in 57 minutes.

AON Smart Sensor

OPPO decided to implement AI-enhanced smart sensors for the Smart Spying Prevention feature, which was built using low-power sensors and a combination of intelligent recognition algorithms.

Sensors can not only be used in privacy protection, but can also expand functionality in the Smart AirControl, Smart Rotation, and Smart Always On features.

Smart Spying Prevention

When Reno4 receives a message, smart sensors that have been enhanced with artificial intelligence functions on the cell phone can identify only the cell phone owner who can open the screen. Otherwise, notification content will be hidden to protect user privacy.

To be more specific, this privacy prevention algorithm is built in harmony with the hardware in the form of a sophisticated sensor. This sensor will automatically analyze multiple faces in various conditions and scales.

If only 1 (one) face is detected, the main camera will be turned on to identify the face of the owner himself; if yes, all messages will be displayed.

If the sensor detects that more than one person (or no person) is facing the screen, the notification will still be displayed but the content will not be displayed.

Smart Air Control

OPPO Reno4 is the first OPPO phone to bring full-screen gestures to this series line. Smart AirControl allows users to interact with Reno4 devices without touching the screen.

With this feature users can scroll the screen page both up and down the page on several popular applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

This feature also allows users to answer phone calls without touching the screen, which is very useful in a pandemic situation like today to reduce the intensity of contact with the screen.

Smart Always On Display

OPPO implements functions that will enhance user experience, such as “Smart Always On Display”. This feature can identify the face of the user who is constantly watching the screen of the device, so the screen will not turn off. This feature makes Reno4 smarter and provides a better usage experience.

At the software level, a special enlightenment algorithm will make the sensor work better in low light. Even when lighting levels are lower than 1 lux, Smart Sensors with enhanced artificial intelligence can function very well.

ColorOS 7.2

Developed on the basis of Android 10, it comes with support for the unique Dark Mode feature, especially for some third party applications that do not yet have this feature support.

AI APP Preloading

Through the AI ​​algorithm, ColorOS intelligently predicts what applications users will use and then loads them, so they can open faster. With AI APP Preloading, the longer the user uses the device, the faster the artificial intelligence in learning user habits.

With AI APP Preloading, applications open faster than before which greatly increases efficiency. In addition, AI APP Preloading has Zero battery consumption, users will get a faster cellphone without additional battery consumption.

Anti-Fragmentation Engine

Developed independently by OPPO, the Anti-Fragmentation Engine uses a combination of steps to optimize physical and virtual memory fragmentation. Ensuring a smooth operating system experience without pauses, even after using it for a long time.

Super Power Saving Mode

This feature utilizes a system-wide approach (such as CPU frequency adjustment and backlight adjustment) and adjusts power savings for each application.

There are 6 (six) applications that can be displayed on the Home screen in Super Power Saving Mode. The Phone, Message and Clock applications will be included by default, but you can replace them with other applications.

When your phone's battery drops to 10% and 5%, a pop-up message will appear asking the user to activate Super Power Saving mode.

With this feature, OPPO Reno4 users can send WhatsApp messages for 1.5 hours and call more than 1 hour with only 5% battery.

Super Night Standby Time

Designed to study users' sleep habits, this feature optimizes battery life by only 2% throughout the night, for around 8 hours.

Pull Down Gesture icon

The best solution in the industry to open applications that are difficult to reach on the Home screen (Home) when using a mobile phone with one hand.

When you swipe upwards, on the left or right edge of the Home screen, the application icon will shrink to each corner. Furthermore, with the position of the thumb remains on the screen, the user can move the application icon and release it to open the application.

Quick Return Bubble

It is a floating icon bubble that displays information from games that are running in the background. For example, when a user waits to respawn (the action of a player who comes back to life after being killed) in the game.

They can switch to another screen while still being able to see respawn time in bubbles. When users want to respawn, they can tap the bubble to return to the game.

Currently supported games: Mobile Legends, Mobile PUBG, Mobile Lite PUBG in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand, AOV in Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand.

Gravity Wallpaper

The wallpaper on the Home screen can change dynamically depending on how the user holds the device. Wallpaper can move as if pulled by gravity.


OPPO LAB is a platform where OPPO software engineers and users can work together to create innovative features together.

Users can try these features before they are officially released. Users can also provide feedback on certain features or share them with other users.

Is an application that helps to make decisions by turning the wheel. This spinner is equipped with various questions such as “What do we eat today?” and “Where do we go this weekend?” of course, users can always create their own questions, accompanied by answer options.

Created by adjusting the style, tone, and rhythm of the easy-to-use slide panel so users can create their own ringtones. Unique ringtones created can be used for calls, saved to the phone, or shared via social media platforms.

How, I'm curious to wait for full information about the specifications and prices of this OPPO Reno4.

OPPO Reno4 specifications

Dimensions & Weight

Dimension: 160.3mm × 73.9mm × 7.7mm

Weight: 165g


6.4 “AMOLED screen,

Dual Punch-hole Display

screen ratio: 20: 9; resolution FHD +: 2400 x 1080; PPI: 409


Front: Corning® Gorilla® Glass 5

Back: Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3


Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G SoC, 2.3 Ghz, 8nm Fabrication




128GB (can be extended an extra 256GB with MicroSD card).


4G, VoLTE supported

SIM Card

Dual Nano SIM Card

Flash charging

30W VOOC 4.0

4015mAh (Full in 57 minutes)

Fingerprint Sensor

Hidden Fingerprint Unlock 3.0

Rear Camera

  • 48MP High-Definition Main Camera, 1/2 ″ Sensor, F1.7
  • 8MP Ultra Wide-Angle Camera, 1/4 ″ Sensor, F2.2
  • 2MP Macro Camera, 1/5 ″ Sensor, F2.4
  • 2MP Mono Camera, 1/5 ″ Sensor, F2.4

Front Camera

  • 32MP Single Camera, 1 / 2.74 ″ Sensor, F2.4

Front AON Smart Sensor Feature

  • Smart Spying Prevention
  • Smart Air Control
  • Smart Always on Display

Rear Camera Feature

Ultra Steady Video 3.0

Ultra Dark Mode

Ultra 108MP Clear Image

AI Color Potrait Mode

Monochrome Video

Slow Motion: 960fps @ 720P, 480fps @ 1080P, 240fps @ 720P, and 120fps @ 1080P

Front Camera Feature

Ultra Steady Video

Ultra Night Selfie

AI Color Potrait Mode

Slow Motion: 240fps @ 720P and 120fps @ 1080P

Front Ultra Steady Video: work with most filters at 30fps @ 720P and 30fps @ 1080P, and with bokeh and beautification at 30fps @ 720P

Operating System

ColorOS 7.2, Based on Android 10

OS Feature

      • Super Power Saving Mode
      • Super Night Standby Time
      • Pull Down gesture icon
      • Quick Return Bubble
      • Gravity Wallpaper
      • OPPO LAB


Space Black / Galactic Blue

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