Reality C12 6,000 mAh Battery and FC 10W, Indonesia Got?

“>REALME C12 series
Photo: REALME C Series From @realmemobiles

Realme already released Realme C11 and Realme C15 in Indonesia, but did you know that Realme also has another new cellphone which is dubbed as Realme C12 And now that the leak has passed multiple country certifications, arriving with the number on the certification RMX2189 the phone is expected to come with a 6,000 mAh battery as revealed in the NBTC listing.

Realme C12 Features (Rumor)

Not only India, China, including Indonesia also has a cellphone that passed the certification with the same number RMX2189, which suggests that Realme C12 is also likely to be released in Indonesia, from the leak of Realme C12 which was revealed besides information that the 6,000 mAh cellphone battery will also arrive with fast charging charging 10W, just a reminder Realme C15 has a fast charging 18W feature.


When is the Realme C12 release and price? (Rumors)

At this time, leaked C12 Realm such as detailed features and full specifications have not been revealed, but looking at the certifications that have appeared in several countries it is likely that it will not be long before we see the presence of the C12 Realme which is likely to be cheaper than the C15 Realme.

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