Duh, our favorite application turns out to be wasteful of internet quota!

It's no secret that the smartphones we hold are packed with various applications. Apart from favorite applications, many additional applications are needed. But did you know that there are quite a number of applications that are very hungry for quota. In fact, there is our favorite application that made it wasteful internet quota.

It is not unusual that we are now very dependent on smartphones, cell phones, cellphones and similar devices. Especially with the 'cleverness' of the smartphone, it can almost be our friend in doing various things, from communication, entertainment to even confiding. Just install the required applications.

Android Favorite Applications Wasteful of Internet Quota

After investigating, it turns out that there are some applications that are classified as very fond of sucking up internet quota. For those of us who are often grumpy because data packets run out quickly, maybe you should start to reconsider using certain applications. The reason is, some internet quota suckers are classified as favorite applications.

1. Instagram

Internet quota wasteful application 1Geez, today without Instagram. Maybe that's what millennial children have in mind if they are forced to erase it. But what is clear is that the sending message feature, the timeline which is crowded with photos and videos, really sucks up the quota, you know. So, don't open the video often if you want to be economical. Ha ha.

2. Facebook

Internet quota wasteful application 2

Duh, it will be funny if you have to uninstall this application. Including me of course. Generally, Facebook is a social media application that is used by most of the people around us.

Some of the features that suck up the internet in this application include video posts and continuous notifications. Well, if you don't want to delete it, turn off the video autoplay feature. Or just use the Facebook Free and Facebook Lite applications.

3. Twitter

Internet quota wasteful application 3

This application is no less breaking the internet quota. Just like Facebook, this application has a video autoplay feature. Well, the solution is the same, just turn off the autoplay feature via the Settings – Data section, then select autoplay only when connected to WiFi.

4. YouTube

Internet quota wasteful application 4

No need for more comments. YouTube is clearly an application that really likes to suck up internet quota. As a video-oriented application, of course, YouTube wastes quotas. If you still want to use this application with the lowest resolution when watching the video.

Well, right? I guarantee that everything is your favorite application that you often use. At least, if you already know that the application is wasteful of quota, you can use it wisely. Not bad, you can save on quota, right? If you don't want the quota to run out quickly, just delete it. Hey.

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