#kamisukareview – Streaming and the best free mp3 song download application that is currently in vogue is indeed fun, especially if everything is up completely free. And as it turns out, lots of free music apps and services on Android phone starting from JOOX, Spotify to Pandroa.

But apart from just listening to streaming songs, Android cellphone users like reviewbro & sis certainly want to save them on their smartphones too. You do this by using the best music download application and your favorite MP3 files can be played again as much offline.

Well, in addition to the already popular ones like JOOX etc., there are several applications for downloading MP3 songs for free on Android phones that are also worthy of choice.

In some of these music applications, we can enjoy streaming music and storing MP3 songs offline on our cellphone.

Most of these complete music applications can be downloaded for free on the Play Store. Want to know what applications can be used to download again on an Android smartphone? Here's the list:

The Best Free MP3 Song Download Application for August 2020

Well, in this list of applications to download free MP3 songs as of August 2020, you will find some of the best choices that might suit your needs. Let's just look at it.

1. 4Shared

download song

Here comes an application that really helps favorite songs. With this free application you can access 4Shared.com, a place commonly used to download MP3s and music.

For your information, 4Shared is a cloud storage service that can be used to store and share data. Many also use it as a choice of download applications for the best audio. The music collection is also fairly complete.

2. Spotify

mp3 songs

Do you already know this music download application? Most of the Android users are familiar with Spotify. But if there is nothing we will explain.

Spotify is a global music streaming application. There's always the latest music available. Interestingly, if we are willing to pay for Premium facilities, then we can download songs offline.

So downloaded music can be played without the need for the internet. The price is around 50 thousand per month.

3. IndiHome Music

download mp3 songs free 3

The application to download mp3 songs on an Android phone offers no less interesting options. We can download and stream music legally. IndiHome Music provides two million songs, old and new.

Not only that, the audio quality provided by this Android application is equivalent to the original CD. Features IndiHome Music the other is Mobile Karaoke, featuring songs and their lyrics.

This streaming and song download application can be obtained for free on the Google Play Store. The interface is simple and easy to manage.

4. Mp3 Music Download

download mp3 songs free 4

This music download application on an Android cellphone presents a variety of songs from many musical genres and countries. The selection of songs that can be downloaded is very complete.

Not only that, MP3 Music Download this offers convenience when downloading songs. The song you are looking for can also be selected based on a list of artists, titles, or genres.

Oh yes, Mp3 Music Download also offers Ringtone Maker. The songs available in it can be used as cellphone ringtones, you know.

5. JOOX Music


Well, this is an application that is also very popular. JOOX Music provides a mix of streaming music and also downloading songs. Songs can be played offline if they have been downloaded.

To be able to download songs so that they can be set offline, JOOX VIP facilities are available. This service costs around Rp. 25 thousand for 1 week, 49 thousand for 1 month, 139 thousand for 3 months, 259 thousand for 6 months, and 509 thousand for 12 months.

Now, when you have JOOX VIP, the songs can be played freely at any time, without being shuffled and streaming, the quality is better.

6. Download Mp3 Music

free mp3 7

This application can also be used to download favorite songs. With Download MP3 Music we can download a variety of songs and music for free.

On the other hand, the quality of the songs provided was not too disappointing. So you can download songs and music with reliable results.

7. SONGily


SONGily is one of the applications on the Anroid cellphone that is rarely known by music enthusiasts. Even though it is classified as a simple application, SONGily can be used to download music.

The interface is not too complicated, supported by an easy download process. Smartphone memory is not too burdened really because the size is only 3.7 MB. The SONGily application can be installed via the Play Store.

8. RockMyRun

rock my run

Here it is one application that is very helpful for those who like to listen to songs offline. RockMyRun has a selection of playlists from several DJs at random.

There is also a soundtrack and this application is more suitable for those who like to listen to music while exercising.

In fact, one of its features can help adjust the BPM level of the song being played according to our heart rate. There are also filters to get the appropriate playlist of songs. There is also myBeat which can change music according to conditions.

9. Google Play Music

music streaming app

This is the default application from Google. Of course it can be downloaded from the Play Store. Google Play Music app quite interesting because it can be used to upload and download music.

One interesting thing, Google Play Music offers access to around 30 million songs. Not bad.

This application is in demand with download figures reaching more than 5 million, you know. Some Android users themselves are already familiar and familiar with this application, so many keep using it, even though other music applications are installed on their device.

10. Advanced Download Manager

Android mobile music application

Its name is quite interesting because it immediately implies its capability as a downloadable application. Amazingly, this Android mobile application can be used to download three music at the same time. Well, this free application can download in MP3 or MP4 format.

Settings from Advanced Download Manager this differs depending on the song to be downloaded. We can also adjust the download speed as needed, so we can save bandwidth. This application released by DimonVideo has been downloaded 50 million times by Android users.

How? Is there an application that suits your needs? At least, of the 10 best free song download applications in August 2020 for mp3 and music on Android phones, there must be something for you to use.

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