Intel Announces New Generation Tiger Lake Processors

“>11th Generation Intel processor
Photo: 11th Generation Intel Processor From Intel

The live demo displayed by Intel when releasing the latest 11th Generation processor Tiger Lake shows that the new Processor has better performance than the 10th Generation Processor with Nvidia MX350 GPU, the new Intel Processor has new features such as XE graphics, Thunderbolt support 4, WiFi 6 and a more durable battery, as we reported from the site Hothardware

In addition to performance, Intel is also showing off a new built-in AI engine in its new line of processors, which the company claims with the new AI can increase problems with background blur and sound during video calls, the company also introduced the Athena project certification which includes Intel technology. Evo, where the laptop can be used for more than 9 hours with 1080p resolution on just one charge.

With fast charging for 30 minutes it can be used for 4 hours, if you find the Evo logo later, then the sign is that the device already has a high standard such as support for Thunderbolt 4 and WiFi 6, news of devices that will soon use Tiger Lake processors such as the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex 5G, laptops from Dell, Acer, Dynabook, HP and Lenovo.


The 11th Generation Tiger Lake processor from Intel, coming soon to the market with processor speeds ranging from 3 GHz for the i5 and i7 models, with enhanced turbo boost features for single-core with a speed of 4.8 GHz and multi-core with 4, 3 GHz, new devices with Tiger Lake Processors are expected to be launched globally before the end of this year, while many others will arrive next in early 2021, Although Intel does lead the PC processor market, the company is actually under pressure


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