It's fun to watch movies at a high refresh rate

#kamisukareview – Now smartphone devices are starting to become an alternative to various things. Even now we can watch movies on high refresh rate HP. The technology embedded in smartphones is indeed increasingly up to date, including in the screen sector.

In a pandemic like today, the thing that most people miss the most is watching movies in theaters. However, it seems that the public's intention to get film entertainment should be postponed until the situation is conducive.

Although the government has implemented a transitional period, entertainment venues such as cinemas have not been granted a license to operate again.

The impact of closing the cinema has made film fans a little disappointed. The cinema is a favorite place for people to relieve fatigue and get entertainment.

The presence of a big screen, good sound system, a comfortable sofa coupled with enjoying delicious and crunchy snacks in the cinema is irreplaceable.

Having not opened cinemas and the recommendation to stay at home has changed the pattern of people's lives in obtaining entertainment, especially to watch the latest films.

The development of the digital era gives consumers an option to watch movies through their digital devices, one of which is smartphones.

Watch Movies at High Refresh Rate HP

The thing to note in order to be able to watch movies on a smartphone with the best experience is to choose a cellphone with a screen that can display the best visuals.

The dimensions of the wide screen but still comfortable to hold with one hand are more than a smartphone. OPPO has a solution in the form of the latest device, OPPO A53.

The OPPO A53 comes with a 90Hz Neo-Display screen that provides a 90Hz refresh rate and 120Hz touch sampling rate for a smoother and more responsive experience.

So what exactly is the refresh rate written in Hertz (Hz)? The refresh rate is used to calculate how fast the screen flashes.

The high Hz is also influenced by the frames per second (FPS) of the visual content that you want to enjoy, for example in videos or games.

So the higher the refresh rate, the smoother the interface on the smartphone screen.

Using a cellphone with a high refresh rate like the OPPO A53 provides a smoother screen scrolling experience. Animated displays also look better than when using screens with lower refresh rates.

Users will experience a smoother visual experience so that they are more comfortable when enjoying video and movie content. The 6.5-inch HD + resolution screen on the OPPO A53 is here to provide broad visuals when watching movies.

In addition, the presence of eye protection support will make users comfortable when using the OPPO A53 device to watch movies for a long time.

The presence of AI Brightness technology automatically adjusts the backlight after studying the user's brightness preferences.

On the audio side, OPPO A53 also provides digital sound technology support to provide the best effect when you watch a movie like in a cinema.

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