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Gadgets – In the midst of a pandemic that requires people to work and study from home, the HP 14s laptop might be a device that helps you in your activities.

The Gadgetren team had the opportunity to test the HP 14s-dk1001au which offers a quite elegant and professional design with a retail price of IDR 4,599,000. Wrapped in a golden satin-like surface, this laptop has a stylish design and is very pleasing to the eye.

The hinges are well hidden when the laptop is closed. Coming in dimensions of 32.4 x 22.59 x 1.99 cm, the HP 14s will be easy to carry or use anywhere because its body is designed to be slim and lightweight to provide greater portability.

HP 14s-dk1001au Review Port Right

In the cross section there is a classic HP logo with chrome accents which have become the hallmark of HP products. Meanwhile, there are USB-C ports and SD Card Reader on the left and two USB-A ports, HDMI, Ethernet, audio combo, and DC in on the right.

When opened, the HP 14s has a screen with a large bezel. The screen itself has a span of 14 inches with HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels like most other mainstream laptops in this class.

HP 14s-dk1001au Review Screen

The screen is capable of displaying images with sharp enough quality and bright colors thanks to a brightness level of 220 nits. It's just that the HP 14s screen has a glossy surface without an anti-glare coating, so content is sometimes difficult due to light reflections or the sun.

Below the screen is a keyboard with a white backlit light which is comfortable for typing. Even though it's not the best keyboard on an HP laptop I've ever tried, every key has the right distance and a good travel distance so it still feels comfortable.

Review of HP 14s-dk1001au Touchpad Keyboard

At the same time there is a wide touchpad to the side and two physical buttons for left and right clicks to provide more pronounced feedback. The touchpad feels quite responsive and its wide size makes it easier for fingers to navigate.

To support the needs of video calls, as was often done during this pandemic, the HP 14s is also equipped with an HP TrueVision HD webcam located at the top of the screen. The quality of the camera tends to be a little dark, but it is still possible to use teleconferencing or video calls if the light conditions are as optimal as possible.

Review of HP 14s-dk1001au Camera

For the kitchen, the HP 14s is powered by an AMD Athlon Silver 3050U processor which has 2 cores and 2 threads with a max boost clock of 3.2 GHz. Complementing the processor is 4GB DDR RAM and 256GB SSD storage.

This combination allows the HP 14s to provide smooth performance when used in everyday life. SSD storage solutions are a significant improvement over mainstream laptops in this class that still use HDDs because they are able to shorten the loading process and make the operating system more responsive.

HP 14s-dk1001au HWiNFO Review

Of course, 4GB RAM is also sufficient for basic multitasking at this time. But the main highlight is the AMD Athlon Silver processor which already uses a 14nm Zen fabricated architecture so that it can provide high performance while having optimal power consumption.

Not to mention, the processor is also equipped with Radeon Graphics to run various multimedia content more smoothly. HP 14s is also not too noisy and cool enough when running heavy applications.

That way this laptop can be used to run various applications today such as Microsoft Team for teleconferencing or other office applications that require better graphics capabilities.

HP 14s-dk1001au Benchmark Review

This is also evidenced by the achievement of a score of 2,528 points when tested using PCMark 10 which simulates the workload of office users. On the Cinebench R20, HP 14s with AMD Athlon Silver 3050U managed to get a score of 558 points.

Meanwhile, if you want to enjoy entertainment such as playing Esport games, it is still quite possible. When tested to play Counter Strike: Global Offensive, this laptop is able to run it at Low graphics quality with 30-35 fps.

HP 14s-dk1001au CSGO Review

Overall, the HP 14s-dk1001au manages to provide a comfortable and smooth computing experience in everyday life. Running the Windows 10 operating system by default, this laptop can certainly meet the needs of modern users in general, be it for study, work, or entertainment.

Not only performance, this laptop also has a battery life that can't be ignored. Through PCMark 8 testing in Work mode, screen brightness and backlit keyboard at 50%, and starting from a 100% battery, the HP 14s was able to get a score of 6 hours 52 minutes. Meanwhile, charging from 18% to 100% takes about 2 hours.

HP 14s-dk1001au Battery Review

This figure can be said to be far above the average mainstream laptop in its class, most of which only last about 3 hours. This also reinforces the ability of AMD Athlon Silver 3050U to save power consumption. That way, this laptop can be used anywhere without the hassle of always looking for a power outlet.

To support user activities, HP 14s is also equipped with several additional accessories in the sales package. The HP 15.6 Value Top Load bag will make it easier for the HP 14s to take to work or study and make it more protected.

Review of HP 14s-dk1001au Accessories

The bag has canvas material with a waterproof coating on the inside and has several storage places for books and pens. In addition there is also a tiny HP Wireless Mouse 200 which has 1,000 DPI and uses 2.4GHz connectivity for optimal navigation.

Overall, the HP 14s-dk1001au can be an option for those of you who want a laptop that can be relied on because it has high performance with long battery life so you can be freer when you have to work or study anywhere.

Not to mention that this laptop is also equipped with various software support such as HP JumpStart and HP Hardware Diagnostic to keep it in good shape. After the pandemic is over, the HP 14s will also remain relevant to carry in various conditions thanks to its professional and portable design.


  • Qualified performance for office needs
  • Long lasting battery
  • Get an extra bag and mouse
  • Connectivity is quite complete
  • Portable with a tiny charger
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