Realme 7 Series Will Immediately Bring 64MP Camera to Indonesia

#kamisukareview – After being successfully launched in India, Realme Indonesia today confirmed that they will launch the Realme 7 series to Indonesia. Targeting the mid-level segment with ammunition in the form of a 64MP camera and a set of advanced technologies.

The new series of numbers from realm that has always been eagerly awaited will be launched online with the theme “64MP Power Master” on September 17 at 13.07 WIB on YouTube channels, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter realme Indonesia and

Realme Indonesia confirms the presence of the 7 Series realm

realme 7 Series is claimed to be the new standard for powerful smartphones in the middle class. The reason is, The latest realm cellphone it features a new generation of 64MP Sony Quad Camera, MediaTek G95 gaming chipset, as well as 5000mAh and 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display batteries.

For the first time in the world, Realme will also launch realme 7i in Indonesia with a 64MP Quad Camera, a large 5000mAh battery and a 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display.

realme uses the tagline # 7PowerMasterSquad for realme 7 series 64MP Power Master. Consisting of 7 people from various fields of expertise, inspiring young people in Indonesia with the spirit of their Power Master.

realme Indonesia brought two series of realm 7 series with a slightly different naming and variant from India. Bringing together Real 7, the tandem for the Indian market is Real 7 Pro. Meanwhile, Indonesia brought a duet friend of reality 7i.

For the record, Realme 7i itself will be launched globally for the first time in Indonesia. Strengthen their market segmentation in the middle segment.

“As a series that has always been a new benchmark and quality in the middle class segment, Realm 7 Series is the series most anticipated by Realm Fans.

“For that, allow us to surprise them again by announcing that we will launch reality 7 and reality 7i in Indonesia.

“The series that we call 64MP Power Master will set a new standard for mid-range smartphones that will provide the maximum smartphone experience.

“We will also announce a special surprise program on the day of its launch, apart from the product itself,” said Palson Yi – Marketing Director realme Indonesia.

realme 7

realme 7 will set a new standard for mid-range smartphones and provide a powerful smartphone sensation in its segment.

Dubbed as 64MP Power Master, realme 7 will present a new generation of ultra-clear quad camera with 64MP resolution, which is supported by a large 5000mAh battery to carry out daily activities.

realme 7 is also equipped with the recently launched MediaTek Helio G95 gaming processor and 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display to provide a smooth gaming experience.

realm 7i

In addition to reality 7, another 64MP Power Master that will be launched in Indonesia is Realm 7i. Indonesia was specifically chosen to be the first country to launch reality 7i globally.

realme 7i will also present the same specifications from realme 7 such as an ultra-clear 64MP quad camera, a large 5000mAh battery, and a 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display.

realme 7i will also be launched on the same day as realme 7 through the online “64MP Power Master” event.

# 7PowerMasterSquad

Realme Indonesia confirms the presence of the 7 Series realm

realme always involves talented and talented young people for every new product launch. In the launch of Realme 7 Series this time, Realme will continue to invite talented young people to take part in becoming # 7PowerMasterSquad.

# 7PowerMasterSquad is defined as seven extraordinary people with different backgrounds who can inspire the young generation of Indonesia with the Dare-to-Leap spirit in the midst of current conditions.

Iqbaal Ramadhan, the Power Master Ambassador, along with six other outstanding people in different fields of expertise have joined forces to become a representation of brave young people in the style of the 7 series.

Consisting of national footballer Ryuji Utomo as Power Master of Football, SEA Games Gold Medal Athlete Agus Prayogo as Power Master of Speed, photographer Putri Anindya as Power Master of Photography

ONIC team member Meutia Maharani as Power Master of Gaming, film actor “Gatotkaca” Rizky Nazar as Power Master of Local Hero, and singer “Lathi” Sara Fajira as Power Master of Voice.

realme 7 Series will be launched on September 17 with the theme “64MP Power Master” at 13.07 WIB through live broadcasts from YouTube channels, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook realme Indonesia and

Save the date, stay tuned and follow the Instagram account @realmeindonesia or visit to get information about the realme 7 | 7i 64MP Power Master launch event.

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