IPhone 12 Pro Chassis Leaks Reveal 3 Cameras + LiDAR

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Photo: IPHONE 12 PRO Camera Design From @EveryApplePro

Leaked video of the series iPhone 12 has already appeared, and is supported by some other news that we can gather about the iPhone 12, the first thing we know from the latest leaked clip is the chassis and rear which is suspected to be the iPhone 12 Pro which confirms most of the rumors for the iPhone 12 Pro camera sector, which will be equipped with the placement of a new LiDAR sensor, video clips sourced from the EveryApplePro Twitter account.

IPhone 12 Pro Camera and Sensor (Rumor)

The video clip also shows that the iPhone 12 series still has the same triple camera setup as the iPhone 11 series with the notable exception of an additional hole mentioned to accommodate the new LiDAR module. As for the rumors, Apple will only supply the iPhone 12 series with a 12 Megapixel camera with a sensor that is which is believed to produce better images in low light conditions and it is hoped that next year there will be an increase in the number of Pixel sizes.

All iPhone 12 series Support 5G?

According to the latest news reported from the Nikkei website, Apple is ready for mass production of the iPhone 12 series and the company is also planning to launch the iPhone 12 series before the end of September or early October, it was also mentioned that all iPhone 12 models will have Sub-6 5G support. , with a note that only the 12 Pro Max has support for a higher frequency signal, which is around 28 GHz, oh yeah, don't forget that tomorrow Apple will announce its new product line publicly, we are waiting to see whether the design of the iPhone 12 will be the same as the rumors that this time around or not.

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Source: Nikkei, Twitter

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