Rumors of OnePlus' New Products There is a Smartwatch, Clover and 8T Pro

Photo: ONEPLUS WATCH? From @MaxJmb

OnePlus Being one of the companies that is quite successful with several categories of smart products ranging from cellphones, wireless chargers, and smartTVs, which unfortunately they have not returned to Indonesia, reportedly not only satisfied with the success of some of its smart products, OnePlus is also rumored to be launching a smartwatch for the first time, what kind of speculation rumors have surfaced recently.

OnePlus Watch Design (Rumor)

About the design even though no one has been able to show the render yet, rumors OnePlus Watch will have a round design instead of a square, different from what OPPO has done for its newest smartwatch which takes a square design similar to the Apple Watch, for the name it might be called the OnePlus Watch as WOTCH as revealed by Max J in a tweet on his Twitter account @MaxJmb, of course. this is interesting because the interest in smartwatch design is usually the more popular square shape.

3 New OnePlus Products (Rumors)

If we talk about OnePlus, a lot of information has been leaked about this company, which not only talks about the Smartwatch, but OnePlus also keeps some of its newest flagship products such as the OnePlus 8T, which the latest rumors for the Pro edition will not appear this year, other rumors about OnePlus Clover which will also come with specifications and features placed parallel to or below the OnePlus Nord series, so when will OnePlus return to Indonesia, your cellphone design is cool 🙂



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