#kamisukareviewSamsung Galaxy Tab S7 l S7 +, is present in Indonesia with a myriad of features to support user productivity. Supported a large screen, measuring 11 inches for the Tab S7 and 12.4 inches for the Tab S7 +.

The combination that is embedded in this Samsung tablet can certainly help users do things more easily and quickly through this brand-new tablet.

Coupled with the support of a powerful Snapdragon 865 plus, a fast processor and a large memory, the Galaxy Tab S7 l S7 + can help increase your productivity, especially in times of large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) which are re-implemented.

3 Key Features of the Galaxy Tab S7 | S7 +

The advantages of the Galaxy Tab S7 l S7 + are not only limited to the high specifications it carries, but also from the improvements in three important features that can really help users.

With this feature, users will be more productive, namely the S Notes, Samsung Dex, and S Pen features. How can these features become a mainstay?

galaxy tab s7 with s notes and s pen

S Notes and S Pen on the Galaxy Tab S7 | S7 +

First is, S Notes. The S Notes app on the Galaxy Tab S7 l S7 + comes with significant enhancements. Not only being an application for taking notes, this latest generation of S Notes is also equipped with other capabilities.

Suppose you are a team leader, and want to give briefs to your subordinates online. All you have to do is open the S Notes application, and use the S Pen to make notes about what you want to convey.

You can even add tables or charts. When finished, your notes can be saved in PDF format with the “Save to PDF” feature.

When you review notes and find that you still want to add something else, you can insert some important notes on the PDF file with the handwriting process feature, the results can be exported to PDF files or other Office files.

You also don't need to worry that your notes will not be read because the writing is not neat or the position is slanted, just take advantage of the handwriting to text feature.

To do this, select your writing using the S Pen then click the handwriting to text option and your writing will immediately change to text, the Auto Straightness feature also makes writing with an angled position can be changed to straight.

S Pen on the latest generation of Samsung This Galaxy Tab, has a very low latency of 9Nm. This makes writing experience using the S Pen on the Galaxy Tab S7 l S7 + just like using a real pen.

samsung dex on galaxy tab

Samsung DeX, Multitasking on Screen Like a PC

So, if you are not familiar with the display on a tablet and are more comfortable with the display on a PC or laptop, Galaxy Tab S7 | The S7 + can also feature a PC-like interface.

All thanks to Samsung's enhanced DeX features. Through Samsung DeX, tablet products such as the Galaxy Tab can have two displays in it.

The first display will have a UI like a smartphone. Meanwhile, if you use the DeX display, the screen will change like the UI on a Desktop PC, where the taskbar will appear and the icon arrangement does not stack up.

One of the advantages of Samsung DeX is that it allows you to multitask. With multi-active windows users Tab S7 | S7 + can display several applications or tasks at once on one screen.

For example, creating Notes, importing PDF files, adding notes, drag-and-drop text from web pages, or add information obtained from YouTube.

Your notes can also be turned into PowerPoint files and presented at an important online meeting. Thanks to the position of the front camera which is in the middle, you will be more comfortable participating in this online meeting. Use the S Pen to navigate through your presentation files.

Interestingly, Notes also supports the latest voice recording features and audio bookmarks that will be useful when you are following long online meetings.

Add important notes while you record so that when you repeat the section, simply play the audio bookmark earlier.

Impromptu Briefings, Screen Off Memos Help You Don't Get Left Behind

Often, when you are suddenly asked to note one thing that is so important. If on other tablets you usually have to press the Power button first.

Enter the homescreen with a PIN, face unlock or fingerprint, then continue opening the notes application, on the Galaxy Tab S7 l S7 + everything can be done very quickly.

This is thanks to the Screen-Off Memo feature, just take out the S Pen, you can immediately doodle or make notes on the tablet screen quickly, no need to open the lock screen or search for a note application.

Thus, directions from someone who should be noted, nothing is left behind. The results of these notes will be saved directly in the S Notes application.

Galaxy Tab S7 l S7 + is packed with all the features and specifications to help you be more productive.

In the current PSBB situation, where everything has to be done online, the Galaxy tab S7 l S7 + can certainly be your main weapon to remain productive and creative.

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