This is the BTS Universe Story Trailer from Netmarble

#kamisukareview – Netmarble has released the official trailer for BTS Universe Story, the newest interactive social game based on world superstars BTS. The trailer, which lasts almost 10 minutes, is available on the official YouTube channel (

This trailer features live-action BTS and graphics of the BTS Universe characters, and provides an overview of the interesting story that will unfold in the game.

BTS Universe Story

The trailer specifically reveals dates that seem to mark the occurrence of certain in-game events, including the exchange of mysterious photos of the BTS Universe characters against the sea. Players can guess the meaning until the game is officially released.

This interactive social game provides the opportunity for players to participate directly in the creation and development of stories in the game, as well as making choices that can lead to different story endings.

With various stories adapted from the BTS Universe, BTS Universe Story provides a “Create Story” mode for players to easily create their own stories using in-game production tools.

Apart from that, players can also make choices in pre-existing stories to form a new story line in “View Story” mode.

Players can also collect Outfits and various accessories to make the appearance of the BTS Universe characters even more attractive and take AR photos with the characters they have created through the “Collection” feature available in the game.

BTS Universe Story will be released globally on September 24. For more information regarding the game, please visit the official site or follow BTS Universe Story on Twitter and YouTube.

Netmarble is the world's leading developer and publisher who is constantly trying to push the limits of mobile gaming capabilities with a variety of innovative games such as Lineage2 Revolution, The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross, Blade & Soul Revolution, and MARVEL Future Fight. And now, BTS Universe Story.

As the parent company of Kabam and the largest shareholder of Jam City and Big Hit Entertainment, Netmarble strives to entertain people around the world of all ages by providing a variety of mobile games.

In Indonesia, Netmarble Indonesia was founded in 2012, and has collaborated with LINE by publishing the mobile game Let's Get Rich, as well as launching Lineage2 Revolution, Seven Knights, and MARVEL Future Fight. And BTS Universe Story.

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