Samsung Galaxy Buds Live, TWS Earpods with Quirky Design

#kamisukareview – Galaxy Buds Live is a TWS (True Wireless Stereo) recently released by Samsung. Besides having features that allow users to always tune-in at every moment.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live stole the attention because of its unique design. Curious how Samsung got the inspiration for this unique design? This is according to the description from the designer.

samsung galaxy buds live

It takes courage, persistence, and a lot of persistence to achieve things that have never been done before. When developing the first 'open-type' wireless earbuds from the Galaxy line, it took a lot of market research and testing to make sure the product was really optimal.

Designed to provide a good listening experience for users who want to listen to various types of sound, this TWS has a quite different focus from the Galaxy Buds +.

The Galaxy Buds + are 'canal-type' earbuds released earlier this year aimed at those who want immersive sound quality.

Meanwhile the Galaxy Buds Live are “open-type” earbuds that can be used comfortably for extended periods of time. This makes it especially suitable for those who want to listen to music, watch videos or make phone calls over an extended period of time.

“Unlike canal-type earbuds which cover the ear canal so that it can cause discomfort to the user for long-term use.

“Open-type earbuds can be placed comfortably by tucking into the tragus on the outer ear, which allows easy air circulation and provides comfort when used for extended periods of time.

“We use the current design to give users a sense of comfort, as well as differentiate Samsung earbuds from other products because of the unique shape of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live itself,” said Tommy Choi, Designer, Samsung Electronics.

Continuous Trials

Based on Samsung's research, comfort is an important factor when someone chooses an earbuds. Users tend to avoid earbuds that are uncomfortable to use, no matter how good a performance it is.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live is designed to accompany its users in their every activity throughout the day, so that Samsung really ensures its product design can provide comfort for its users.

The biggest difficulty is finding the right size, because everyone has a variety of sizes and shapes of ears. Understanding this, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live has gone through a rigorous testing phase.

Ensuring this gadget remains comfortable for use by the average user, regardless of the size and shape of their ears.

“Setting standards of comfort is the most difficult thing. When 8 out of 10 our subjects respond that the earbuds are comfortable to use.

“We then made modifications to ensure the comfort of the other two subjects without compromising the comfort of the other eight.

“To make sure Galaxy Buds Live is comfortable to use, we conducted experiments on more than 2000 subjects,” added Choi.

Elegant Earbuds Color and Case

Galaxy Buds Live comes in Mystic Bronze, Mystic White and Mystic Black colors, which are adapted to the five new products that Samsung introduced at the Galaxy Unpacked 2020 event in early August.

These colors are presented to reinforce the impression that it comes from the same family as other Galaxy products even though it is made of different materials.

Galaxy Buds Live is made using materials that as much as 20% of it comes from Post-Consumer Material (PCM) which has been recycled, this is to ensure Samsung's commitment to reduce the environmental impact of plastic waste.

After seeing various kinds of user preferences, the designers decided to give it a glossy finish, to give it a luxurious impression.

live galaxy buds price

In addition to a glossy finish like jewelry, a packaging that is no less attractive is also needed. Packed in a charging box that resembles a jewelry box.

The Galaxy Buds Live box is designed to easily slip into a pocket, or carry around without compromising on the battery capacity which can last up to 21 hours when fully charged.

“When designing a product, we really think through every process of interaction with users, starting from when they see the product.

“Until they open the box, use the earbuds, and charge by putting the earbuds back in the box.

“We also considered how the earbuds look when they are put in the box, and how they should be placed to ensure the user can easily remove the earbuds.” closed Choi.

Each earbuds weighs 5.6 grams, plus 42 grams of the wireless charging case. Regarding the battery, 60 mAh + 472 mAh in the case is claimed to be able to provide a total of 21 hours of use with a time span of 5.5 to 8 hours for continuous single use.

The new feature presented is ANC, which utilizes all existing microphone units to reduce low frequencies so that external noise is not heard by users. Since the design doesn't clog up the outside sound too much, this device doesn't need to come with a dedicated Ambient sound mode.

In total there are three microphone units, two outside and one inside. While on the inside there is a sensor called the Voice Pickup Unit.

This device also comes with a Gaming Mode and a feature to wake it up via Bixby in certain countries. IPX2 certification makes it only resistant to water drops.

Price of Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

For consumers who are interested, Galaxy Buds Live is priced at IDR 2,599,000 with three color variants, namely Mystic Bronze, Mystic White and Mystic Black.

Unlike the previous years, in this next normal situation, Samsung presents a virtual exhibition to get the Galaxy Buds Live experience from anywhere and anytime like visiting an exhibition in person.

Consumers can access the virtual exhibition at which will last until September 2020.

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