How to prevent WhatsApp from being bugged

#kamisukaerview – In previous posts, we have reviewed how how to tap the WhatsApp application service, well, in this Trick Tips article, we also want to share information about how to prevent WhatsApp from being tapped.

Even though by default, the WhatsApp application already has an encryption feature peer-to-peer, but there are a number of methods-one of them is the MITM attack (Man In The Middle Attack) – so we felt the need to inform you how to counter it.

1. Check WhatsApp Web / WhatsApp Desktop

WhatsApp has the ability to be used on PC / Desktop devices with assistance browser Internet therefore this feature is referred to as WhatsApp Web. However, this feature is a vulnerable gap because it can be misused by others by simply doing it barcode scanning existing with other applications such as “WhatsWeb For Whatscan”, so that later chats on WhatsApp will be read by other users.

To prevent this, log into the WhatsApp web feature often and make sure no one else (using a computer or the WhatsWeb for Whatscan application) opens your WhatsApp account.

2. Lock the WhatsApp application with the App lock application

How to prevent WhatsApp from being bugged
App Lock

Currently there are a number of applications that can lock applications so that they cannot be opened by others, one of which is the App Lock, with this application you will be required to enter a password if you want to open WhatsApp, and make sure only you know the password.

On a number of HP devices, such as Xiaomi MIUI for example, the App Lock in application is available by default, so you can use it immediately without having to install it.

3.Enable the Two-Step Verification Feature (Two-Step Verification)


WhatsApp itself has actually updated its application so that it can be used more safely, one of which is by presenting features Two-Step Verification, This feature will provide multiple security where the user is required to enter a six-digit password when using WhatsApp or after reinstalling the WhatsApp application. The presence of this feature is believed to increase the level of security on the user's side.

4. Install AntiVirus or Anti-Spy

There are many AntiVirus applications available on the Google PlayStore, either the free version or the paid version, install the one that you think is best, once installed do a total cleaning, this is done to get rid of the virus, spyware or key logger that resides in your cellphone.

Besides that you can also install an application called
Anti Spy Mobile Free on the Play Store. As the name implies, this application will detect if your cellphone is installed with a tapping application, a warning will appear with a display roughly like below:

How to prevent WhatsAp from being bugged
Anti Mobile Spy Pro

5. Know the Signs If Your Cellphone Has Been Tapped

There are a number of features when the cellphone you are using has been tapped, some of which are the battery becomes more wasteful, the quota also runs out quickly, because the tapping application requires a certain amount of data to send the tapped data to the tapping server.

Often the cellphone that you use gets hot even though it is not being used, if indeed you suspect that your cellphone has been tapped, backup all the data that you think is important and do it factory reset.

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