Digital Branding and Promotion Not Yet Maximum

#kamisukareview – During the pandemic, many businesses and SMEs suddenly went online. Unfortunately, digital branding and promotion have not been maximized. The process of digital branding and promotion is often overlooked in building a business. As a result, the process of product innovation is hampered.

The increase in people's online activities, ease of transactions, and an increasingly broad market are believed to be the factors that underlie the high number of SMEs opening online shops today.

Digital Branding and Promotion

The use of e-commerce platforms and social media has recorded an increasing trend. Even the entertainment service Netflix recorded an increase of 15.8 million during the pandemic.

This shows a change in lifestyle and the way people communicate, to carry out economic activities.

Web-hosting service provider company Niagahoster see this go online phenomenon as an opportunity as well as a challenge. Understanding the intense competition in the online world, business and SMEs is not enough just to open a shop in cyberspace.

In response to this, Niagahoster held a virtual conference entitled Brand Marketing Con. by Niagahoster. This event is the first largest online conference in Indonesia to discuss the topic of branding and digital marketing trends.

Collaborating with various brands such as Facebook, Kantar, Astra Digital, Amartha, KrASIA, Kaloka Pottery, Kompas Daily, and others, Niagahoster wants to provide a broader and applicable perspective for business owners, SMEs, IT activists, communication and branding activists.

So that the public is about how to build a strong brand to the public and promote it in cyberspace.

Building a “Long Lasting” Business
The Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs recorded that 301,115 micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) went online during the pandemic.

Niagahoster also experienced the increase in go online, which recorded an increase in active clients by 7.79% in the second quarter, compared to the previous quarter.

The phenomenon of SMEs going online “impromptu” is a special note for the government and business actors themselves. Building a “durable” business is a continuous process that involves a combination of strategy, planning and execution that is on target.

Ayunda Zikrina, Head of Brand & Reputation Management at Niagahoster, said that digital branding and promotion is a strategic duet that can be carried out by personal, business actors and companies.

This strategy must be carried out in order to get the attention of the public and the market. But unfortunately, these two things are still not being done optimally by business actors.

Niagahoster itself noted that 24.38% of business clients were forced to close their digital channels because their business was not running smoothly.

This is considered to be a combination of immature product development problems, problems in terms of production and financial planning, so as to not maximizing promotions on digital channels.

“The process of digital branding and promotion is often overlooked in building a business. As a result, the process of product innovation is hampered. People just sell without paying attention to feedback or input from the market.

“This is what makes business unable to survive.” said Ayunda Zikrina at the Press Conference welcoming Brand Marketing Con. by Niagahoster (24/9).

In the midst of the increasing number of businesses and SMEs that are going online, Ayunda assesses that businesses must start building branding and digital marketing strategies to make them more widely known.

This is also in line with data cited by Forbes, which states that branding that is built consistently across all platforms will increase profits by 23%.

Go Online Is The Beginning Of Online Success
Currently, 67.40% of the total website owners in Niagahoster admit to creating digital channels to develop their business.

In order to achieve success online, both personal and business owners are expected to build digital branding and promotion planning from an early age.

“The business development process doesn't stop only when you have a website or social media. Branding and marketing activities go hand in hand, using online media both of them can be run simultaneously. ” said Tarrence K. Palar, Brand Communication Manager of Kompas Daily who was also present at the Niagahoster Press Conference (24/9).

Tarrence assessed that going online is just the beginning to develop a business. Stores, portfolios, and pages in cyberspace also need regular and ongoing maintenance.

The branding and marketing process should not stop at the logo or visualization, but also about how the products of the brand are known and used by many people.

In Brand Marketing Con, Niagahoster will equip the participants by inviting as many as 14 speakers to fill in 12 topics around tips on building branding, content marketing, utilizing social media to build brands, and more.

For 2 days, 29-30 September 2020, this conference will be held live streaming.

Niagahoster presents several companies such as Facebook, Kantar, Astra Digital, Uang Teman, Amartha; digital agency persuasion Agency; SME businesses and start-ups such as Kaloka Pottery, Agradaya, Suwe Ora Jamu; the KrASIA media and the Kompas Daily; as well as artistic and creative actors from the Macan Museum and the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival.

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