#kamisukareviewSmartfren Business held a webinar entitled “Effective and Productive Work from Home (WFH) Strategies During the Pandemic” as well as releasing the BizCloud Remote Working solution which is the result of a collaboration with Cisco System Inc.

This is done in response to the work from home situation that has become routine in Indonesia. In addition to sharing tips for increasing effectiveness and maintaining security when working remotely.

Smartfren Bizcloud Remote Working

On this occasion, various Smartfren Bizcloud Remote Working features were also introduced. Two of them are the multi factor authentication (MFA) feature and the ability to recognize phishing in e-mails.

MFA is very important to prevent illegal access that usually occurs by impersonating or stealing employee identities.

When this feature is active, each access will require authentication that the accesser is using a network or company-owned device and automatically denies illegal access.

Meanwhile, the intended phishing introduction has the ability to recognize Indonesian-language e-mails, making it more effective in preventing fraudulent e-mails intended to trap employees or companies.

By using Bizcloud Remote Working, a collaboration between Smartfren and Cisco System Inc., companies or employees will get these two features so that they have extra protection when working from outside the office.

In addition, this solution has also been supported by a 100% 4G Smartfren connection, additional VPN technology (virtual private network) to secure internet access, and video conferencing features for companies.

CEO of Smartfren Business, Ranga Kalyanasundaram said, “Smartfren Bizcloud Remote Working is a complete solution to ensure your business performance can continue without interruption when implementing remote work.

This bundling solution was first introduced in Indonesia and can be used from any device. We believe that Smartfren Bizcloud is the best solution for companies to use in various eras of remote working today. “

In the midst of this new normality there is an increasing demand for technology to support remote work activities; especially those that can help employees connect, collaborate and stay safe working from anywhere.

Security issues are also an important concern, because when companies implement a more flexible work process, employees will access jobs from various places.

Of course every place, whether at home or in any other public place, does not always have the same security protocols as in the company. This is where Smartfren Bizcloud Remote Working comes in, which provides a Cisco 3-in-1 solution that includes VPN-based connections, features and access security.

In a similar vein, “4G internet connection, video conferencing, and company-level VPN, such as those provided by Smartfren and Cisco, will be very useful in supporting the smooth running of business operations during a pandemic.

APTIKNAS spread across 29 DPDs from Aceh to Papua with thousands of members ready to help many companies use this solution, “said Chairman of the National Association of Information and Communication Technology Entrepreneurs (APTIKNAS), Soegiharto Santoso.

“We are delighted to see our partnership with Smartfren Business reach a new milestone by bringing our core solutions into a package that is highly relevant to the needs of companies in Indonesia.

“Especially now that cyber attacks are much more sophisticated, so the issue of protecting company infrastructure and data poses a bigger challenge.

“Using Smartfren Bizcloud, the company will be able to overcome these challenges,” added Enterprise Cybersecurity of CISCO Systems Indonesia, Milton Siahaan.

This webinar is interactive virtual in nature which provides the opportunity for participants to ask questions related to discussions about business security systems and implementing secure remote work.

In addition, each participant is given an e-certificate. The 9th webinar series can be accessed free of charge and broadcast via Cisco Webex and the Smartfren Business YouTube page.

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