#kamisukareview – Do you already know the viral Among Us game? If you have never heard of it, then you are out of date. So, that's why before it is called a coup you must know and understand everything about this exciting game application.

Among Us is an indie-style game that has actually been around for two years. But the game has only recently gone viral since memes and graphics have been popping up everywhere. As a result, many are curious to find out.

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Among Us Game

This game is available on smartphones with OS Android and iOS for free. But this game can also be downloaded on the Steam game market for Rp.39,999 or through the developer site by donating 5 US dollars or more.

Among Us gameplay

The Among Us gameplay actually presents a simple idea. In this game, we are on a spaceship and act like astronauts. We must be able to solve various problems at the same time be vigilant.

Interestingly, this game can be played by 4 to 10 players online or through local networks. In this game, not only friends surround us, but also traitors.

Interestingly, players can cooperate with each other or can accuse each other of being traitors. There are two player roles provided by Among Us, namely crewmate and impostor.

Crewmate and Impostor

Crewmate is the role of the protagonist or good character who has a small mission to repair a spaceship. Meanwhile the impostor or also known as the defender has a mission to finish off the crewmate. It's fun.

No wonder many are addicted to playing Among Us. This is also what makes best Android games it becomes addictive. Here, gamers must appoint team members who are suspected of being impostors or traitors who have sabotaged their machine systems and caused other players to die.

He cried again, crewmates cannot see who is the impostor, but impostors can know their fellow importers and can work together to finish off the crewmate.

And the funny thing is, the impostor can disguise himself as a crewmate and both carry out a mission to repair the plane.

crewmate and impostor among us

Among Us Game Journey

The game was launched in 2018, although initially it did not get high interest. But suddenly this game went viral and experienced a surge in downloads. Many of his memes have the theme of teamwork and betrayal.

Previously, the game was not noticed by many developers, and was frustrating InnerSloth, the indie game maker. The Among Us team itself is only 3 people and they remain consistent.

Furthermore, in 2019, the developer released two additional maps, Mira HQ and Polus, and made regular updates to improve gameplay.

And in pandemic conditions, games are gaining popularity because many people are at home. Among Us is streamed via Twitch and YouTube.

among us games

Even as a multiplayer game, Among Us managed to gather 400,000 Steam players and surpass PUBG.

The game even succeeded in making a record of being played simultaneously by 388,000 players on Steam. This milestone has placed it 3rd in the Steam rankings behind CS: GO and Dota 2.

Its position is right above PUBG, which has been in the first place to be played simultaneously on Steam for an entire year. An achievement for indie games.

Now they are improving and adding variety of Among US features. The developer intends to improve various aspects such as improving server performance, support for color blind players, the friendship system, and adding new levels.

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