Erajaya Group Inaugurates 3 New Retail Outlets

#kamisukareviewErajaya The Group, through its subsidiary, PT Sinar Eka Selaras, simultaneously inaugurated 3 retail outlets located on the 3A floor of Grand Indonesia East Mall in Central Jakarta.

This new retail outlet will carry the Urban Republic brand, and single brand outlets
Garmin and DJI. The three new outlets will prioritize a holistic shopping experience for Erajaya customers.

In addition to quality assurance in terms of service, product authenticity to official after-sales guarantees, customers can better understand, explore and understand the functions of the products offered through
hands-on experience area and demo unit.

This is seen as a way to make visitors feel comfortable and pleasant while staying at the Erajaya Group outlet network. This retail network expansion is also carried out in order to strengthen the IoT (Internet of Things) business line and the information technology ecosystem.

The Urban Republic store, for example, is a gadget and lifestyle store where consumers can get the latest IoT products, accessories, gaming, wearables, smart homes to increase productivity and efficiency in their lives, after consulting with staff who
experienced and knowledable.

erajaya urban republic

By opening these new outlets or stores, Erajaya Group also reaffirms its commitment and focus on customer satisfaction. Among other things, by providing official product guarantees, guarantees
friendly service, guaranteed ease of transactions.

Erajaya also makes shopping easy with mobile shopping services and home delivery services via Whatsapp at number 0819 0740 0585, which fulfillment from the nearest outlet, including this new shop in the center of Jakarta.

erajaya dji outlet

To ensure the safety and health of our customers and employees in this new normal era, the three new retail outlets have always implemented strict health protocols, including:

Measurement of the body temperature of all employees before starting work, mandatory use of masks and / or face shields for all employees, restrictions on the number of consumers who will enter the shop,
guarding and spacing the queue at the cashier.

This includes measuring the body temperature of the customer who will enter it
shop, and the obligation of consumers to clean hands with sanitizing fluids and wear masks while in the shop area.

“The opening of these three new Erajaya outlets is the result of an in-depth and measurable evaluation, and a manifestation of our commitment and confidence in the future of the retail business.

“We are proud to announce that until the end of September 2020, Erajaya Group has nearly 1100 retail outlets throughout Indonesia, with a vision to bring the best service standards in its class.

“With the expansion of this retail network, we hope that our consumers can more easily buy their ideal gadget products,” said Djohan Sutanto as Director of PT Erajaya Swasembada Tbk.

During this Grand Opening period, each outlet offers various attractive promos starting from September 25-30, 2020, including:

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