HUAWEI Watch Fit: Smartwatch for Healthy Lifestyle

#kamisukareview – Despite the size HUAWEI The Watch Fit is small but its level of intelligence cannot be denied. In one small and powerful box, it has a number of features that support its users' healthy and productive lifestyle.

For the first time, this smartwatch comes with fast-charging technology. Significant breakthroughs and improvements in the watch are also made to the sports and health features.

huawei watch fit

HUAWEI Watch Fit specifications

The HUAWEI Watch Fit is equipped with long-lasting battery life for the smartwatches in its class. With standard use, this gadget has a battery life of up to 10 days.

Can survive with HUAWEI TruSleep and activated heart rate monitoring, 200 screen checks per day, 50 messages, 3 calls and 3 alarms in 24 hours, and 30 minutes of exercise per week.

Lo Khing Seng, Deputy Country Head of Huawei Consumer Business Groups said, “As part of our commitment to continue to present products that meet the needs and desires of the Indonesian people.

“Especially in a time like now, as a productive generation we must prioritize health and personal fitness.

“The HUAWEI Watch Fit, which is equipped with the best technology, will complement the user's daily activities in various activities, especially as a support for health and fitness.”

This watch, which was recently launched by Huawei, enhances the HUAWEI TruSeen 4.0 features as a heart rate detector and also Huawei's AI Multi-sensor neural network, and has been expertly developed with PPG components.

Using this technology, this device is able to monitor the heart for 24 hours, from detecting changes in blood oxygen, sleeping conditions, to detecting stress.

By providing information and recommendations to its users, it is a smartwatch with health management capabilities capable of comprehensive and complete monitoring.

In addition, this watch is also equipped with a menstrual cycle detector which was developed specifically for female users.

HUAWEI Watch Fit comes with 96 exercise programs and is also supported with personal trainer animations. With a series of animation classes providing 44 standard sports individually.

Users can also enjoy one-on-one fitness visually equipped with instructions without the need for a smartphone or other device.

Users can perform the desired sports movement precisely, through the help of a personal trainer animation in your hand.

With this watch, you can take a break from work and a busy day, and stay focused on keeping your heart healthy.

Maintaining & monitoring health and fitness becomes easier to do. 12 easy-to-follow fitness classes have been developed to solve all common problems including fat burning, toning and stretching of the shoulders and neck.

These programs have no time or place restrictions, whether at home or wherever you are, staying active with a fitness program is as quick and simple as grabbing a cup of coffee.

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HUAWEI Watch Fit is also equipped with 13 running tracks adapted to various levels of runners, equipped with guides, and can also record every step of the user.

It will record all your progress. Through data analysis skills that can provide you with detailed information regarding maximum oxygen uptake, respiration during aerobic / anaerobic, training load and fitness level, as well as recommended cooling times.

HUAWEI Watch Fit provides users with a more scientific way to view workout results and prepare for their next workout.

And of course, don't forget about Huawei's easy-to-use Health App. By installing this standalone application, you can connect your smartphone with this gadget and get access to more sports data.

The HUAWEI Watch Fit's smart features have been carefully considered to enhance any setting, be it travel, work or everyday life, with comfortable and smart technology.

HUAWEI Watch Fit will bring you a new and unique Smartwear experience that is very smartly designed.

“We hope that its presence can be a solution for the Indonesian people to continue to maintain and improve health and fitness in the midst of this new normal period.”

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