OASE Watch H12W Review – Pros and Cons of a Cheap Smartwatch with Complete Features

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Gadgetren – Seeing the positive development of smartwatch use in Indonesia, PT. OASE Technology Asia (OASE) has officially launched its product called OASE Watch H12W.

As a smartwatch that is present in 2020, the OASE Watch H12W has a low price and complete features. By design, this device comes with a round design like a watch.

Plus the touch screen for navigating between menus makes it easy to use. With the features and specifications it offers, is the OASE Watch H12W able to compete with other smartband brands at the same price range in Indonesia?

OASE Watch H12W

  • Screen – 8/10
  • Performance – 9/10
  • Battery – 10/10
  • Software – 9/10
  • Design – 9/10



Even though it has an affordable price, OASE tries to provide enough features to support the activities of OASE Watch H12W users. Even the battery life is quite long.


  • Long battery life
  • IP67 Waterproof Certificate
  • Large selection of Watch Faces
  • There is a monitor for oxygen levels in the blood
  • There is a blood pressure meter that can monitor sleep activity


  • Silicone strap that is easy to catch dust or stains


This smartwatch comes with a rounded design similar to a watch with minute and hour lines on the bezel. While the body uses a sturdy Zinc Alloy material, it feels light when pinned to the wrist.

The strap or strap uses a silicone material that feels comfortable when it touches the skin of the hand. However, this material makes it very easy for smudges or dust to stick to the strap. You can buy other, more interesting straps from OASE direct or third parties as the replacement process is very easy.

This smartwatch comes in two color choices consisting of Black and Silver. I myself had the opportunity to try the black one and it felt masculine when it was pinned to my wrist. Meanwhile, the OASE Watch H12W comes with a body with a diameter of 42mm and a 1.28-inch touch screen with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels.


The right edge of the bezel has one button that is used for the back. On the screen, I will immediately find a Watch Face which presents a digital watch face, date, battery percentage, number of steps, number of calories burned, and the weather. The Watch Face can also be replaced in the FitCloud Pro application, which pairs the OASE Watch H12W on mobile phones.

OASE itself has presented more than 20 Watch Faces in the FitCloud Pro application which we can choose according to taste. The process of replacing the Watch Face is also easy, where I simply select one and immediately press the sync button to pin it on the smartwatch.

Meanwhile, the OASE Watch H12W can connect with cellphones using a Bluetooth connection. Furthermore, we can download and install the FitCloud Pro app from the Google Play Store for devices running Android 4.4 or above and the Apple App Store for iOS 8.0 devices or above.


In the FitCloud Pro application, I can also make smartwatch settings to view daily activity data. When I swipe or swipe the screen from left to right after the Watch Face display, various OASE Watch H12W menus will appear.

Among them are sports data, types of exercise, heart rate measurement, sleep activity monitoring, blood oxygen meter, blood pressure, music player control on mobile phones, stopwatches, messages, cellphone finders, and settings.

It can be seen that this smartwatch comes with complete features to support daily fitness and exercise activities. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the feature to measure blood oxygen levels (spO2) is important because it can measure oxygen saturation so that you know whether your lungs are healthy or not.

According to the British Lung Foundation, the normal oxygen saturation level in the blood is around 95 to 100 percent. If a person's oxygen saturation level is below that percentage, he has lung problems.


When measuring with the OASE Watch H12W, I myself managed to get a score in the range of 96 to 99 percent. In other words, my lungs are healthy enough to perform daily activities.

Not only measuring heart rate and blood pressure, this smartwatch can also monitor my sleep activities starting from deep sleep (deep sleep) and light sleep (light sleep). When using it, the OASE Watch H12W can monitor my sleep quite accurately.

I also activate various kinds of sports activity monitors on this smartwatch starting from walking, running, climbing mountains, cycling, badminton, basketball, and ellipticals. Later you can see the accumulated data from the results of monitoring sports activities, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep activities, and blood pressure in the FitCloud Pro application.

OASE Watch H12W FitCloud Pro

Interestingly, the OASE Watch H12W screen will return to active when I turn my wrist and go to the position to see the screen. In other words, we don't have to bother pressing the screen so that the Watch Face display can appear.

Meanwhile, I can also set this smartwatch to alert that I have been sitting for a long time or it is time for a drink. In addition, there is also a function to search for smartwatches in the FitCloud Pro application and search for cellphones on the OASE Watch H12W.

Of course this feature is quite useful when forgetting to put your cellphone or smartwatch at home, office, or other places.


I can also control the music player on my phone directly from the OASE Watch H12W with functions like Play, Pause, Stop, Next, and Rewind. OASE itself has presented an IP67 certificate on this smartwatch, allowing it to be taken even in water sports, swimming or bathing.

This smartwatch can last for 9 days with a variety of active features, especially message notifications that keep coming in. Meanwhile, charging the battery can run fast enough to reach 1 hour 30 minutes.

The OASE Watch H12W is sold at an official price of IDR 899,000 in Indonesia. Thanks to the complete features, the price offered on this smartwatch is arguably cheap. In other words, this product can be a smartwatch choice at a price range of less than IDR 1 million.

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