Smartfren Uses ZSmart MCCM Technology to Create Customer Interaction

#kamisukareview – In order to provide the best service for all customers, Smartfren collaborated with Whale Cloud Technology Co., Ltd to improve ZSmart Multi-Channel Campaign Management (MCCM) technology.

The technology is an end-to-end solution that can intelligently predict customer needs, so companies can manage various customer programs and services quickly and effectively.

Smartfren Collaborates with Whale Cloud to Apply ZSmart MCCM Technology

Currently Smartfren is a telecommunications operator with the widest 4G coverage in Indonesia, whose cellular market is growing rapidly.

Broad market reach is the key to growth, so it is very important to get closer and reach customers through multi-channel marketing.

“Whale Cloud has long been a trusted partner for Smartfren. Our success in using the BSS solution has encouraged us to extend our partnership.

“Using ZSmart MCCM, we hope to involve more customers and provide them with a more effective, relevant and smart marketing program by utilizing the support of artificial intelligence or machine learning technology,” said Jagbir, CTIO Smartfren.

Using the latest ZSmart MCCM technology, Smartfren will significantly increase the speed of response to customer needs on various channels, including the MySmartfren application, WhatsApp, email, SMS, USSI, call center, and social media.

The new systems can also provide comprehensive insights to increase the relevance of an offering or service across the acquisition, conversion and retention cycle.

In addition, ZSmart MCCM can evaluate the effectiveness of marketing programs so that companies increase their relevance to the customer experience.

“Companies that focus on the customer experience will be able to outperform the competition. However, it cannot be denied that the development of today's marketing channels has also triggered challenges. Especially when it comes to providing a consistent experience for customers.

“Therefore, we are very happy to have been chosen by Smartfren. Using ZSmart MCCM, Smartfren will be able to provide a smooth and consistent experience regardless of the channel used, ”said Ben Zhou, Whale Cloud International.

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