Bloodshade Harbor, New Dungeon in Blade & Soul Revolution

#kamisukareview – Global gaming company, Netmarble Corp announces the arrival of a new Bloodshade Harbor update for Blade & Soul Revolution, an oriental action mobile MMORPG featuring a mesmerizing cinematic story of revenge from the online PC game adaptation Blade & Soul.

This update introduces the new Bloodshade Harbor Dungeon and various celebratory events that players can enjoy. This is the biggest Dungeon ever.

Bloodshade Harbor Dungeons

In these dungeons, players can enjoy the fun of playing a different party with other players. The final boss in this dungeon is Admiral Hae Mujin who is the leader of the Blackram Marauder.

Players must play a mission to complete the Bloodshade Harbor Dungeon and defeat Final Boss Admiral Hae Mujin.

To celebrate this Bloodshade Harbor update, Netmarble has prepared various events with abundant rewards. Blade Dancer Coins will be awarded to players who successfully complete the Dungeon once per day.

Meanwhile, the Heroic Accessory Recipe Fragment will be given to players who successfully complete the Bloodshade Harbor Dungeon for 10 days.

In addition, Netmarble also presents the Growth Equipment Festival. Players who successfully complete missions related to Heroic Equipment can get DEF type Heroic Equipment.

In addition, players who log into the game every day can get Equipment Craft Material and players who have successfully logged in for 10 days will get a Heroic Accessory Recipe Fragment.

Players can also obtain various items including the Heroic Accessory Recipe based on the amount of Silver used in Bloodshade Harbor.

Players can also participate in Contribution Events and complete Contribution Missions in each area to quickly increase their ATK / DEF stats. Reward Costume Design and Heroic Accessory Recipe Fragment will be given to players through this event.

Blade & Soul Revolution is a mobile version of the MMORPG game adapted from online game popular on PC Blade & Soul. This game maintains the 3D graphics quality like its predecessor PC version, and has been updated so that it can work well on mobile devices.

In addition to offering high-quality 3D visuals, players can also enjoy large-scale real-time Faction War content and stunning martial arts action.

In addition, there is also Dungeon content such as Bloodshade Harbor full of strategies and active social features like a real community.

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