ShopeePay Collaborates with MyTelkomsel to Offer Digital Payment Alternatives

#kamisukareview – ShopeePay, an integrated e-money service feature in Indonesia, has formed a strategic partnership with MyTelkomsel, Telkomsel customer self-service application. Both present alternative payment methods for cellular telephone needs.

Committed to providing convenience and security in non-cash transactions for the people of Indonesia, this collaboration is a response to the increasing use of internet data by up to 20%, the impact of Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB).

shopeepay and mytelkomsel

ShopeePay x MyTelkomsel

Eka Nilam Dari, Head of Strategic Merchant Acquisition ShopeePay Indonesia stated, “ShopeePay strives to facilitate non-cash transactions for the public, one of which is the purchase of Telkomsel pulses and data packages.

“We hope that with the ease of this transaction, we can support the stay at home program according to government policy through smooth internet access.”

Through this collaboration, Telkomsel customers via MyTelkomsel can choose ShopeePay as one of the payment methods for purchasing credit and data packages.

To increase the enthusiasm of the community, ShopeePay also provides a cashback program of up to 30% for purchasing Internet packages such as OMG, Combo Sakti, Ketengan; SMS Package, Roaming Package, Phone Package, to Entertainment Package.

Pedro MF Custodio, Head of Digital Experience Telkomsel added, “To support government policy to carry out activities from home, we continue to make it easier for customers to make non-cash transactions safely through the MyTelkomsel application.

“We welcome the collaboration with ShopeePay as an alternative to non-cash payments to enhance the transaction experience of more than 20 million MyTelkomsel application users.

“We hope that the presence of ShopeePay can provide added value to our users in fulfilling their productivity anytime and anywhere.”

“For the best shopping experience, users are advised to top up their ShopeePay balance first, which can be done free of charge from bank transfers / online banking and via minimarkets.

“MyTelkomsel users can choose a payment method with ShopeePay and be directed to the ShopeePay application.

“In the future, we will continue to develop the features of the MyTelkomsel application in accordance with the trend of the digital lifestyle of the Indonesian people, by strengthening the supporting technology of the MyTelkomsel application.

“It will prioritize the development of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) so that it can meet customer expectations.

“With the presence of various additional features such as ShopeePay on the MyTelkomsel application, we hope that customers will find it easier and safer and more comfortable to access various services of Telkomsel and our strategic partners,” concluded Pedro.

Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play and activate ShopeePay immediately.

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