Realme 7 Pro Review: Not Only Pro, But Also Provide Quality Evolution

GadgetSquad.ID – “Continuous Gas”, according to GadgetSquad, deserves to be pinned to realme. Yup, in reality, there seems to be no sign of “braking” in the fight in the Indonesian smartphone market.

As if not running out of gas, one by one new heroes are routinely brought to Indonesia by realism. It's still fresh how the duo of Realme 7 and 7i have managed to attract the hearts of consumers in Indonesia with all their advantages. Now the manufacturer, which is synonymous with this young man, is back to teasing by landing Real 7 Pro in Indonesia.

Carrying the “Pro” appendage, Realme 7 Pro should come with a series of more capable features and technology, compared to the duo realm 7 and 7i. Let us not be curious, let's examine in more detail the toughness of this smartphone with the slogan “65W Charging Evolution”.

Reflecting on the 65W Charging Evolution slogan, GadgetSquad actually wants to step on the gas to review the endurance sector. But this desire must be held for a moment, because in the past, the realm smartphone display is so tempting. Does the Real 7 Pro look tempting again?

According to GadgetSquad, Realme again proves, if this one manufacturer has classy taste in designing every smartphone produced, including the Real 7 Pro. Inspired by glass spaces in nature, realme 7 Pro features a brilliant glass design.

The bold design split brings new visual impact, but with stunning light effects. Popular AG processing with classic CD texture, makes the smartphone look more premium. realme 7 Pro offers two color variants, Mirror Silver and Mirror Blue.

A smartphone design that is thinner and lighter, makes realme 7 Pro very compact when held. Even if there are deficiencies, because of the shiny rear body material, the Real 7 Pro is easier to look dirty by fingerprints. However, it can be solved with a soft case in the purchase package.

GadgetSquad will still explore the exterior, especially in the screen sector. The realme 7 Pro screen uses a super Super AMOLED panel measuring 6.4 inches with 2400 × 1080 FHD +, and a screen-to-body ratio : 90.8%.

When I first saw this smartphone, GadgetSquad was tempted by the realme 7 Pro screen concept, because there were no annoying bangs. Yup, realme 7 Pro comes with a punchole screen design where there is a small hole on the left side of the screen, where the front camera is embedded.

Besides looking more up-to-date, the punch-hole concept makes the Real 7 Pro screen look wider, automatically the eye view becomes more comfortable. During the test with various activities, such as watching YouTube in HD quality, the screen performance of the Realme 7 Pro did not disappoint. The display is clear, natural, the screen is fairly responsive.

The name is also a cellphone with Pro frills, it is obligatory if the Real 7 Pro is equipped with a quality runway kitchen. realme answers it all, through a series of best-in-class technologies.

The realm 7 Pro kitchen runway is commanded by the Snapdragon 720G chipset. This processor is made using the advanced 8nm process, more powerful and efficient. Snapdragon 720G is supported by Kryo 465, CPU with two Cortex-A76 2.3GHz cores, and six Cortex-A55 1.8GHz cores.

Not quite there, embedded Adreno 618 GPU and 8GB RAM. Talking about data storage space, Realme has 128GB of internal memory and an external microSD slot up to 256GB. Referring to the composition of the runway kitchen offered, it is fitting that the Real 7 Pro has powerful performance.

It turns out that when GadgetSquad launched the 7 Pro realm with various activities, the performance of this smartphone was so satisfying. When tested to run various features in a multitasking manner to help work activities, the performance of the Real 7 Pro is so agile.

When GadgetSquad launched this smartphone for heavy entertainment activities, one of which was playing favorite mobile games such as PUGB and the like, Realme 7 Pro's performance was smooth without any legs. Comes with the Android 10 platform, Realme 7 Pro packs a realme UI interface that is very user friendly.

It's time to explore one of the features that makes GadgetSquad curious about its quality. Yup, the camera feature always provides a special attraction for further review, including the image preservation menu in the Realme 7 Pro.

Starting from the front camera, Realme 7 Pro immediately flirts with the 32MP In-display Selfie Camera. The 32MP camera is equipped with AI beautification, so it can reproduce clear photos. When taking selfies in low light conditions, the Super Nightscape mode in Realme 7 Pro can be maximized to produce photos that remain bright.

normal mode

During the testing process, according to GadgetSquad, the quality of the realme 7 Pro front camera shots can spoil selfie-lovers. What's more, the front camera can also be used to record 1080p quality videos, that's enough for initial capital if you want to learn to make a vlog.

ultra wide

Shifting backwards, 4 lenses are ready to satisfy your photographic desires when holding the Real 7 Pro. The realme 7 Pro main camera, 64MP, uses the new Sony IMX682 sensor, flanked by an 8MP ultra wide 119 ° lens, plus 2MP macro and BW lenses respectively. The composition of the rear camera in realm 7 Pro is promising.

normal low light

Realm's decision to embed the Sony IMX682 sensor in the Real 7 Pro, indicates that this smartphone is ready to fight with classy shooting quality. When tested, the Sony IMX682 sensor showed a quality that did not disappoint. The quality of the Sony IMX682 sensor, the more visible the quality when capturing photos in low light conditions.

night mode
night mode

Yup, the Sony IMX682 sensor has been known to have extraordinary light sensing capabilities, this is how GadgetSquad can feel immediately when hunting for night photos using Realme 7 Pro. Realme 7 Pro night photo quality, fairly bright but still looks natural.


In order for the photography experience to be more interesting, various supporting features are already owned by Realme 7 Pro such as 64MP Ultra-clear Mode, Pro Nightscape Mode, AI Color Portrait Video, Night Filter, Starry Mode.


In addition, thanks to the new Sony IMX682 sensor, realme developed a new ultra-high definition algorithm for 64MP mode. Not only that, the new 64MP Mode can also switch between AI mode and Pro mode. In Pro mode, users can adjust camera parameters manually to take the best 64MP photos with great clarity.

Another thing that should not be missed, the rear camera of the Realme 7 Pro is also capable of recording video with 4K / 30fps quality and 1080P / 120fps slo-mo video recording. To facilitate a simple editing process, the Soloop application is available.

Video recording capabilities are equipped with the UIS Video Stabilization menu, UIS Max Video Stabilization, Pro Nightscape Video, AI Color Portrait Video, Ultra Wide-angle Video, Real-time Bokeh Effect Video.

In AI Color Portrait Video mode, you can keep parts of the portrait in color, while the rest of the color will change to various shades of gray, which can bring out the people in the video powerfully, delivering stunning cinematic visual effects with one click.

Other interesting menus

NFC, this menu is one of the main strengths offered by Real 7 Pro. Regarding the presence of NFC, Palson Yi, Marketing Director of Realme Indonesia, said that he asked the central realm in China so that the realm middle class smartphones released in Indonesia should be implanted with the NFC feature. Palson assessed that NFC is slowly but surely increasingly sought after by consumers in Indonesia.

Unfortunately, most of the NFC features have been present on flagship smartphones. In the process the request was granted, the 7 Pro series became the newest realm hero that had the NFC menu, before the Real 7 series existed.

The NFC menu in realm 7 Pro is multifunctional. When using supported third-party applications, the NFC feature can be maximized to check and fill electronic money balances. In addition, the NFC connection that is on the Realme 7 Pro, can also connect with Bluetooth speakers and other supporting accessories.

Another interesting thing that GadgetSquad encountered when examining the 7 Pro reality, turned out that this smartphone was the first smartphone to pass the TÜV Rheinland Smartphone Test Resistance Verification. The TÜV Rheinland Smartphone Test-Proof Verification contains 23 main tests and 72 minor tests, covering many common usage scenarios to prove the reliability of realme 7 Pro for everyday use.

Meanwhile, from the security sector, Realme 7 Pro is equipped with an in-screen fingerprint sensor with a light sensor from Goodix. It doesn't stop there, realme 7 Pro is equipped with three waterproof layers to ensure quality from inside and outside. This is very useful especially when the rainy season arrives.


It is common knowledge that with all its sophistication, durability is one of the weak points of a smartphone. In the process, currently many vendors are producing smartphones with large battery capacities, even though this is real.

But Realme doesn't just want to just release a large-capacity smartphone, this Chinese manufacturer is ready to give evolution to the smartphone endurance sector. Carrying the slogan “65W Charging Evolution”, realm through the 7 Pro series is ready to provide this evolution.

What are the evolutions presented by Real 7 Pro?

In terms of size, the battery capacity of the Real 7 Pro is only 4500mAh, but Realme developed this smartphone with fast charging technology that is much more fierce than its competitors. Yup, according to the catchphrase, Realme 7 Pro already supports 65W SuperDart Charge charging technology.

Thanks to its very high charging efficiency, 65W SuperDart Charge technology can quickly charge a 4500mAh capacity battery, while keeping the smartphone cool.

From the test process, the 4500mAh battery can be charged to 100% in 34 minutes. Meanwhile, to charge 50% it only takes 12 minutes. When this smartphone is lauched to play heavy games, 65W SuperDart Charge can charge up to 43% in just 30 minutes.

In fact, when you are pressed for time for only 3 minutes, reality 7 Pro can be filled up to 13%, that means 3 rounds of PUBG (1.22 hours), 2 hours of IG, 150 minutes of YouTube (2.54 hours) and 4 days of standby. But keep in mind, fast charging 65W SuperDart Charge works if you use the charger and cable that came in the sales package.

If you don't bring a built-in charger and cable, realme 7 Pro also supports 18W PD / QC charging, this makes this smartphone more flexible. Overall, according to GadgetSquad, the endurance technology of the Realme 7 Pro does bring a very useful evolution.

Not only fast, but realm pays attention to security aspects. realme 7 pro is armed with five protections, namely: protection against overloaded adapters, protection against identifying fast charging conditions, protection against overloaded interfaces, protection against overcurrent and overvoltage and protection against battery fuses.

In addition, ten temperature sensors (NTC Thermistor, Negative Temperature Coefficient) are built to monitor temperature changes in the charging and discharging process. Then the charging system can dynamically adjust the charging power, and strictly remove the overheating.

Realme 7 Pro, which is plotted to fight in the middle class, is clear evidence that Realme is not only capable of releasing quality products, but this Chinese manufacturer is also ready to provide evolution in the smartphone world. realme 7 Pro itself comes with an evolution in the fast charging sector, where the 65W SuperDart Charge technology is embedded.

65W SuperDart Charge technology makes the Realme 7 Pro, which is equipped with a 4500mAh battery, very fast charging. Just imagine, in only 3 minutes the realme 7 Pro battery can be charged up to 13%. With these facts, it's not an exaggeration if Realme positions the 7 Pro series as the smartphone with the fastest charging in Indonesia in its price segment.

But it's not just the battery that's the real attraction of the 7 Pro. Carrying the pro label, realme 7 Pro users will be spoiled with a series of qualified technologies, ranging from small designs, quality screens, agile performance to good quality camera shots !!.

How do you add the technology and performance offered by Real 7 Pro !!

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