Rumors of a new POCO cellphone, similar to the Redmi Note 10?

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Photo: Render REDMI NOTE 10 POCO From Weibo / 科技 互联 时代

Poco reportedly will launch a new product again before the end of the year, can you guess what model will be released later? If you are curious, we will inform you in this review, according to the news reported by the 360Gadgets site, Poco product marketing manager and global spokesman, Angus Kai Ho Ng, has confirmed that there will be new products to be launched on the global market at the end of 2020.

Currently, Poco products that will be present are still a mystery because the source on twitter did not mention whether it is a category of cellphones, smart watches or other? However, from some of the latest rumors and growing speculation it has been said that Poco will release a new cellphone that looks like will equal a draw Redmi Note 10 which is going to be released in China which might match the name Redmi Note 10 POCO.


The rumor that the new Poco cellphone is the same as the Redmi Note 10, not without reason because it is still from the same source that there are also signs that the new Poco cellphone has entered the EEC certification radar in Russia with the serial number M2010J19CG, which is reportedly the same series with the Redmi Note 10 in China, and indeed this is not the only time Poco presents a cellphone that is similar to the Redmi brand because it still comes from one parent and Poco as a new company might have a little trouble if it has to make a completely new product.


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