Smartfren Business Launches the thingspark IoT Solution

#kamisukareview – In line with the increasing needs of organizations and businesses to carry out digital transformation, Smartfren Business is launching the thingspark Internet of Things (IoT) solution that is useful for simplifying the transformation process.

Simultaneously with the launch of this solution, Smartfren Business also held a webinar entitled “Digital Transformation Enable with IoT: Opportunity, Regulation, Choosing the Right Technology” which will discuss various thingspark features, as well as opportunities and regulations regarding IoT implementation.

Thingspark solutions from Smartfren

The thingspark solution is a combination of software and hardware based on cloud technology all-in-one equipped with industrial-grade IoT SIM cards with 100% 4G network support from Smartfren.

This combination makes the thingspark IoT solution able to transmit data at high speed and immediately present it in a dashboard that can be monitored from a smartphone or other mobile device.

For example, a company can use thingspark to track the performance, efficiency and location of its thousands of fleets through a smartphone application; connecting it with a measuring device so that it can be monitored in real-time; or it is also used to connect thousands of payment terminals at the same time to monitor their transactions.

Ranga K., Chief Executive Officer of Smartfren Business said, “IoT opens various opportunities for organizations and companies in the Industrial 4.0 era to grow, become more relevant, and open up new revenue opportunities.

“We believe that the thingspark solution with 100% 4G support from Smartfren will greatly facilitate customers to carry out digital transformation, especially those who take advantage of IoT. IoT technology and digitization like this is one of the keys to Indonesia's economic resilience in the future. “

“The thingspark IoT platform is in accordance with the 3GPP standard, which generally provides three types of flexible tariff models, and is equipped with a dashboard that customers can easily manage.

“This dashboard provides reports, monitoring, alerts, connection status notifications, and information on the location of the IoT SIM card embedded in each company asset.

Terence Wong, Market Development Director of APAC, GSMA, said, “IoT solutions and various innovations based on IoT have great potential and promise to transform societies and economies across Asia Pacific.

“Therefore, we welcome Smartfren's support for the application of IoT in Indonesia. Moreover, the 100% 4G Smartfren network is an important key in expanding the application of IoT technology in Indonesia. “

Gunawan Hutagalung, Head of Sub-Directorate for Telecommunication Services, Directorate General of PPI, Ministry of Communication and Information of the Republic of Indonesia added, “The IoT solution is one that has an important role in accelerating digital transformation.

“The government has always encouraged the transformation of the telecommunications industry into a digital industry in support of the digital economy. The direction of this transformation is to adapt various community activities to digital space to make it more efficient, effective, competitive and open up opportunities for new innovations.

“IoT players, especially those from the telecommunications sector, will be in a better position with technology owners to work together in bringing IoT services to the public.

“To facilitate the development of IoT, the government has also made breakthroughs in the form of Standard Classification of Indonesian Business Fields and Data Communication Systems for IoT, as two instruments that strengthen the national IoT industry.”

Smartfren Business regularly holds webinars on various themes about digitization and the ins and outs of industry 4.0. The webinar “Digital Transformation Enable with IoT: Opportunity, Regulation, Choosing the Right Technology” is the 11th series, which is held virtually interactive by giving all participants the opportunity to ask questions.

In addition, each participant is given an e-certificate. Participants can take part in this webinar via Zoom by registering in advance, or access it for free via the YouTube Smartfren Business page. Follow @smartfrenbusiness on Instagram for the latest information on upcoming webinars.

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