Galaxy Creator Workshop (GCW), Invite Samsung Users to Become Content Creators

#kamisukareviewSamsung Electronics Indonesia (SEIN) invites Samsung Galaxy smartphone users to become content creators at the Galaxy Creator Workshop (GCW). This initiative aims to inspire the younger generation not to worry and not to be afraid to become content creators.

The younger generation who wants to start and share ideas in creating content with the Samsung Galaxy A series can realize their desire to become a content creator.

Galaxy Creator Workshop for Samsung Users

Samsung Galaxy A series smartphone users can join GCW by registering through the Samsung Member application, an application for users of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and other Samsung products.

The Galaxy Creator Workshop will be held in 3 sessions through the Samsung Member application starting early November 2020. In the first session of GCW with the theme 'Everyone Can Be a Content Creator', Samsung will invite all Galaxy A series users to become content creators from now on.

They can create cool content with the essential features of the Galaxy A01 Core, A01, and A11. In the second GCW themed “Be Creator, Be Awesome You”, Samsung will show you some ways to create awesome content with the Galaxy A51 and A71.

Awesome content will generate more views and will ultimately generate revenue for content creators. And in the closing session, through GCW with the theme “Create Your Content for Your Business”, tips and tricks will be shown on how cool content can support the business of its users.

“During a pandemic, of course there are many changes and challenges. Through the Galaxy Creator Workshop, we invite Galaxy A series users to turn challenges into opportunities, that is, become a #withGalaxy content creator at your fingertips.

With the essential features of the Galaxy A01 Core, A01 and A11, we can create cool content from now on and continue to hone our creativity to become content creators.

The Galaxy Creator Workshop, which is held through the Samsung Member app, will consist of 3 sessions: an 'Everyone Can Be a Content Creator' session, a 'Be a Creator, Be Awesome You' session, and a 'Create Your Content for Your Business' session.

“Now is the right moment to optimize the Galaxy A series as more than just a means of communication. From now on, be a #withGalaxy content creator, upload it to social media and make your content trending, ”said Irfan Rinaldi, Product Marketing Manager, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

At a media event, Samsung will show you how to maximize the Galaxy A entry level device, namely Galaxy A01 Core | A01 | A11, and present two speakers, namely Rade Tampubolon, Founder SociaBuzz and a content creator, Aldio Pramudya, known as Ogut Mudacumi.

The two of them shared information about trends in the content creator industry in Indonesia, to tips and tricks on how to start and create content.

Rade Tampubolon, CEO & Co-Founder of SociaBuzz said, there was an increase in the average registration of content creators on the SociaBuzz platform after the pandemic even though SociaBuzz did not carry out any promotions (from 2,552 new users per month before the pandemic, to 7,730 new users per month after the pandemic) .

“The development of technology plays a big role in this phenomenon. With the increasing variety of social media that can be used to build an audience.

“The more sophisticated and affordable devices that can be used to make it easier to create content and works, and the more platforms available to make money such as YouTube Adsense and marketplaces creators such as SociaBuzz,” said Rade Tampubolon.

On the same occasion, Ogut Mudaca, a content creator, emphasized that to start as a content creator, now the younger generation does not need to have large and expensive devices.

In addition, to become a content creator also needs to be accompanied by applying separate tips and tricks so that the resulting content is maximized. “

The first is the audience, strengthen the audience's problems, so that the content is right on target. The second is algorithm, follow existing trends, understand the use of social media, and always be adaptive. The third is easy tools, use tools that are easy to operate from the start of the device and applications, such as the Samsung Galaxy A01 Core | A01 | A11.

“The last one is A / B testing, which is consistently experimenting and implementing: create, evaluate, revise, repeat,” said Ogut Mudaka once.

Smartphone Options for Galaxy Workshop Creator

To support the younger generation to become content creators, Samsung has presented a wide selection of smartphones that can be chosen to create and create content with a variety of features and technologies brought by the Galaxy A01 Core | A01 | A11.

Galaxy A01 Core

The Galaxy A01 Core comes with 8MP Dual Camera for main camera and 5MP front camera and is equipped with MediaTek MT6739 processor and Android GO operating system.

Where this processor can provide fast and light performance in opening favorite applications with more efficient battery power consumption, the Galaxy A01 Core battery is equipped with a durable 3,000 mAh capacity battery which can be used to try to create photo or video content.

Galaxy A01

Galaxy A01 with Snapdragon 439 processor and 3,000 mAh battery for smooth performance when users operate for daily needs, or create social media content.

For the camera, this smartphone is equipped with a 13 MP main camera and a 2 MP depth camera to produce clear content with sharp colors or bokeh.

Galaxy A11

The Galaxy A11 is equipped with a Triple Camera, where the main camera is 13MP resolution, 5MP Ultra Wide lens, and a 2MP depth or bokeh lens that supports Awesome content creation for its users.

The Galaxy A11 also has an 8MP front camera. This camera can be used to record images independently such as Instastory and TikTok videos clearly.

In addition, the Galaxy A11 is equipped with a Snapdragon 450 processor and a 4,000 mAh large capacity battery that supports high performance for editing needs when users create content on various social media such as Instagram and TikTok.

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