Xiaomi Announces 80W Wireless Charging, 19 Minutes of Full Battery!


Xiaomi has officially revealed the 80w Wireless Charger technology, which is the fastest mobile phone charging via Wireless which is rumored to be complementing its next line of flanged phones, this has been announced through the official Xiaomi blog and a demonstration via Video on Xiaomi's official youtube channel showing off Wireless charging technology for charge the battery in a very short time.

The advantages of the 80w Mi Wireless Charger

80w Mi Wireless Charger, is the fastest and latest Wireless charging technology from Xiaomi, and so far only Xiaomi has it, In a video posted by Xiaomi via its YouTube channel, the latest Wireless charging technology is able to charge a battery with a capacity of 4,000 mAh from 0% to 100% only in It takes 19 minutes, which reportedly comes from the Mi 10 Pro cellphone, charging technology like this also reminds us of OPPO which has fast charging via cable of 125W and Wireless of 65W.

80w Mi Wireless Charger, For The New Flangship


Currently the Mi 10 Ultra arrives in the market with 40W / 50W wireless charging features, while for 80W wireless charging it hasn't been officially announced by Xiaomi when it will be presented in its new flanged device, some rumors say that, 80W Wireless charging technology from Xiaomi is most likely possible will be included in the next product at the end of this year or early 2021, if wireless alone can reach 80W, maybe the cable can be 2x that of 160 or 200W as rumors will be owned by Mi 11 ..

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