Learning Quota from the Government Helps Online Learning

#kamisukareview – As the first batch of the Learning Quota program for Students, Teachers and Lecturers run by the Ministry of Education, currently Smartfren has distributed learning quotas for students, teachers, students and lecturers who are scattered throughout the company's operational areas.

In addition to distributing assistance for learning quotas from the government, Smartfren also held a number of initiatives, including providing free starter packs for all students and teachers who needed it.

Government Program Study Quota

“Smartfren is very supportive of government programs for distance learning. In addition, since the beginning, Smartfren has always been active in holding various initiatives to help smooth education in all its operational areas.

“We believe that the Smartfren telecommunication network, which is 100% 4G, will greatly facilitate students and faculty face to face, learn and access all school needs online,” said Sukaca Purwokardjono, Deputy CEO of Smartfren Mobility.

The two aids, both channeled from the government and initiatives from Smartfren, are expected to assist the implementation of distance learning, such as the availability of learning quotas. Especially considering that currently this learning method is one of the best alternatives in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Erna Prasetyowati, Principal of SDN Pakal I, Surabaya, who represents the reception of aid at the school, said that one of the biggest challenges for implementing distance learning in her area is the problem of internet quota and availability of smartphones.

For a small number of students who do not have smartphones, the teacher will come to the student's house, bringing the required subject matter. Meanwhile, sometimes there are also teachers who have to wait until evening, so that students can borrow an internet connection on their parents' smartphones to upload their assigned assignments.

“I am very grateful after the government policy regarding learning quota assistance for students and teachers that must be input to DAPODIK, until finally there is Smartfren who comes to help the needs of students.

“Incidentally, many teachers here also use Smartfren because the network around here is stable. Learning becomes easier because each student has a quota to take part in online learning, there is no problem with not having a quota anymore, ”explained Erna Prasatyowati.

A similar story was also told by Isti Chomah Wati, the principal of SMPN 1 Rembang, Central Java, who represented the receipt of SIM card assistance and Smartfren modems, saying:

“We will use this online learning facility as well as possible to help children in need. Assistance from Smartfren opens opportunities for the continuity and smoothness of online learning at SMPN 1 Rembang, and helps ensure the implementation of education that will enlighten the future of the nation.

“We are also grateful for the learning facilities provided to one of our students, who until some time ago still came to SMPN 1 Rembang to attend class in order to take lessons. Now he can also take classes online like his friends. “

Meanwhile, Anasya Fazira, a student of SMK Al Hasra in Depok, West Java, who has received the study quota said, “I am very happy because I got a free quota from the government, of 35GB.

“Previously I had to set aside my pocket money to buy a quota, but now because I got a free quota, I can follow distance learning more smoothly. Thank you very much to the government and also Smartfren because the internet is smooth and stable. “

SDN Pakal II Surabaya, SMPN 1 Rembang, and SMK Al Hasra are only three of the many schools currently receiving government subsidized internet quota assistance and Smartfren starter packs.

Learning quota assistance from the government will still continue, and is distributed within a period of 4 months, namely September – December 2020 for all Smartfren prepaid and postpaid numbers according to the internet quota assistance stipulated by the government.

In addition, currently Smartfren is still holding various initiatives to help maintain the smooth running of distance learning.

In line with the provisions of the Ministry of Education and Culture, the education quota assistance from the government is divided into two types, namely the General Quota which can be used to access all applications and the Learning Quota which can only be used to access sites and learning applications stipulated by the government.

Applications that can be accessed using the Study Quota can be checked via http://kuota-belajar.kemdikbud.go.id.
Students and teachers who have not registered for the first period quota subsidy distribution can still register for period two in October.

It's simple enough to ENABLE-REGISTER-USE; activate the number, register the number via school or campus, and use it on the Smartfren network which is 100% 4G.

Meanwhile, customers who have received Study Quota assistance for students, teachers and lecturers will receive an SMS notification.

Students who already have a Smartfren number can register their number with the school to get assistance with the study quota. While students who want to get a Smartfren number, please contact the school or the Smartfren 888 call center.

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