Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – More Sophisticated, More Luxurious – It has become a routine schedule every year Samsung will release the latest Galaxy Note series. And finally this year Samsung launched the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series. There are two types presented, namely the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. And this time GadgetSquad will review the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

Review of Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra m

Present as a high-end flagship smartphone especially sold at quite expensive prices, of course the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra must appear as perfect as possible. Not only should the design look attractive, but also the capabilities of the features and specifications in it that must be complete and reliable to support the various needs of its users.

Luxury Design

Luxury, of course this should be able to show this Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra because it holds the title as a top class smartphone. And it looks like Samsung has managed to prove it. This can be seen from the first time you wanted to review the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, you can see that the design of this Samsung Samsung Galaxy Note is impressive at first glance.

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It is the Mystic Bronze color chosen to wrap the body of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Thanks to this color, it is clear that luxury looks on the body display of this Samsung Galaxy Note20. What's interesting this time Samsung doesn't use glossy (shiny) material, but chooses a matte finish so it doesn't get dirty easily due to fingerprint marks on the body. So there is no need to bother to clean the rear body.

The body design of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has not changed from the previous series. The upper and lower sides of the stainless steel body are designed flat, while the right and left sides of the body, framed by stainless steel, are rounded even to the edges of the screen.

Not only is the screen covered with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus material to make it scratch resistant, but also the rear body. That way there is no need to worry about the durability of this smartphone body. When we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, we tried to use this smartphone with the habit of placing it in various places carelessly, apparently it did not cause the slightest scratch.

Like the previous Galaxy Note series, the dimensions of the Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra are still large. Likewise, the 208 gram weight is quite felt when holding this smartphone.

Wide and Sharp Screen

The large body size may be quite reasonable, because it accommodates the wide screen. The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has a screen measuring 6.9 inches. No need to ask about its sharpness, it uses 2X Dynamic AMOLED screen technology and a resolution of 3,096 x 1,444 pixels, which guarantees that various content on the screen looks sharp and clear.

Review of Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra c

Sure enough, when I reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra by watching streaming movies to playing online games, the content looked so sharp. Not to mention the support for high refresh rates reaching 120Hz, it is also a guarantee that content display on the screen can be enjoyed smoothly without the slightest lag. What's more, this screen also supports 240Hz touch sampling, this affects the touch sensitivity of the S-Pen stylus which makes the screen more accurate and faster in response.

Advanced S-Pen

For the S-Pen stylush, the placement has now moved to the left on the lower body. For previous Galaxy Note series users, this might allow a little adjustment, as so far we used to take and keep the S-Pen on the right. On the right side of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, the Power button and Volume button are embedded. The MicroUSB port for charging and data cable is placed on the lower body.

On the left there is a speaker hole adjacent to the location of the S-Pen. There is no need to doubt the sound quality of these speakers because they are supported by Dolby Atmos technology. When I tried to play a song, the voice sounded clear and loud. But unfortunately, its position which is on the lower body on the left, makes the speaker closed when the smartphone is used to play games in a landscape position.

Review of Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra f

In this latest series, the capabilities of the S Pen are made even more sophisticated. Samsung has increased the latency of the S Pen which gives the Galaxy Note20 a writing experience like writing on a piece of paper. In addition, it also adds some new gestures to Air Gestures on the S Pen, the ability to create folders, auto sync, and Audio Bookmarks on Samsung Notes.

The latency of the S Pen on the Galaxy Note20 Series has been increased to 26ms on the Galaxy Note20, and 9ms on the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, making it even more convenient when taking notes, editing photos, or editing videos. Interestingly, once the S Pen is issued, several applications / features will automatically appear that can be used using this S Pen.

Work in Comfort

It seems that it has become a characteristic until now that the Galaxy Note series is a smartphone that can be relied on for work needs. Of course with various features that make it easier to work, and the Galaxy Note20 Ultra series makes it even easier.

Like the Samsung Notes feature which has experienced several improvements. In addition to the Handwriting to Text and Screen-off Memo features that were present in the previous Note Series, there is a new feature called Audio Bookmark. Plus it's even easier to convert files on Samsung Notes to PPT, WORD, and PDF formats and sync Samsung Notes between devices.

Got to take something down out of the blue? Don't worry, the Screen-off memo feature is back to make sure you never miss a note. When doing this Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra review, simply take out your S Pen and tap the screen using the S Pen to write right away without opening the lockscreen and looking for the Samsung Notes app. The notes you create here will be automatically saved to your Samsung Notes.

On the go work situations sometimes you have to immediately do work or feedback from the work team wherever you are. And there are times when you have to do editing on PDF files. On the Galaxy Note20 you can directly import the PDF file into Samsung Notes. Then find the page you want to edit using the Page View and you can easily mark posts, comment, and put pictures easily using the S Pen. Alternatively, you can also convert your notes or images to PDF, PPT, or WORD formats.

There is a new feature available in Samsung Notes, namely Audio Bookmarks. Audio Bookmark is a new feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series that uses the convenience of taking notes using the S Pen, with the actuality of Voice Notes. Audio Bookmark provides a timestamp on Voice Notes and synchronizes them with your writing at the same time.

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If you forget a point in your note, don't worry, just press the play button at the top right of your S Notes, and tap your S Pen on the point you want to remember, your Samsung Notes will automatically play Voice Notes at your time. make these writing, make it easier for you to remember talking points when you reread your notes. Sometimes when you take notes quickly, your writing will be italicized. Now, you can tidy up the text by using the Auto Straightens feature.

Samsung Notes is also a new feature to bring the experience of managing files that you have like using a PC on the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra with the Folder feature. Now you can easily put notes on your Samsung Notes in certain folders so that they are easier to find in the future.

Wireless Samsung DeX

The Samsung DeX feature is also one of the characteristics of the Samsung Galaxy Note. This feature makes this Samsung smartphone easier for users to work on smartphones and PC, Mac or TV screens.

In the previous Galaxy Note series, to connect with other devices, you still use a connection via a compatible USB port. Well, the Galaxy Note20 series can be connected wirelessly.

Samsung DeX makes it easy for us to access smartphones and laptops alternately, without being complicated. Starting when dragging and dropping documents / photos / videos from smartphone to PC / Mac to presentation needs. You can present files on your smartphone and connect to a TV / laptop screen.

In Samsung DeX mode, you can view more details on videos, photos, and documents with a larger view while still using your smartphone. Watch movies on the monitor while checking text, or make calls while reviewing documents without distracting your focus. With Samsung DeX, you have two screens to do twice as much.

Synchronized Link to Windows

This feature is no less important. Link to Windows, will make it easier when you work on a Windows 10 PC. You can easily access mobile applications directly on your Windows 10 PC without interrupting the work that is being done.

Moreover, some features from Microsoft can be synchronized. For example, the S Notes feature is synchronized with Microsoft OneNote and Outlook. Then the Reminder feature can be synchronized with Microsoft Outlook, To Do and Microsoft Teams features. So that all of that will make your work easier anywhere and anytime.

Review of Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra g

Triple Camera

Not only makes work easier, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra can also be relied on to create high-quality creative content. This is inseparable from the tough capabilities of the camera feature.

Similar to the previous Galaxy Note 10 Ultra series, the Galaxy Note20 Ultra is also equipped with 3 camera sensors on the rear body. This triple camera consists of 12 Mp Ultra Wide Camera + 108 Mp Wide Angle Camera + 12 Mp Telephoto. As for the front camera (selfie camera) with a resolution of 10 MP, which is pinned right on the top side of the screen.

Armed with these specifications, the camera on the Galaxy Note20 Pro can be relied on to produce sharp, quality photos in various conditions. When reviewing the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and trying to take pictures in very dark conditions, assisted by the night mode feature, the camera on this smartphone can produce bright photos with a natural and not excessive light capture level.

Likewise, when shooting bokeh photos using the Live Focus feature, you get a blurry background photo with the front object in focus perfectly. Not to mention the support for various features such as 5x optical zoom which is capable of producing sharp photos even when a maximum enlargement is carried out. Do not miss the Ultra wide-angle feature to produce photos with wider captures so that they look more dramatic.

8K video

Not only are the photos high-quality, the camera's ability to record video also deserves thumbs up. This is because the cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra can record up to 8K quality. You do this by using the Pro Video mode feature which makes video recordings at the same level as professional cineas.

Coupled with the Live Focus Video feature which provides a bokeh effect from the video. In addition, there is also a Pro Video mode, which features Pro-Grade Camera capabilities, sound, exposure, lighting, Adjustable Zoom Speed, and 120fps FHD shooting.

Not only that, for the first time, Samsung allows users to record video at 120fps with very smooth image quality, supported by a screen that has a refresh rate of 120Hz. When recording at 120fps, the cameras of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra are able to take scenes smoothly even if the subject or object being recorded is moving very fast.

One of the improvements brought by the Samsung Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra compared to previous generations is the audio capability when recording video. This capability is in Pro Grade Video mode, a feature for producing professional videos.

Through this feature the user can adjust the focus of the video recording on the direction the sound is coming from. There are three audio capture options when recording video with the Pro Grade Video feature, namely Rear, Front and Omni. The ability to capture this audio direction is due to the presence of three microphones owned by the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra that surround the body of the smartphone. Not only that, users can also adjust the audio level of the video recording by increasing or decreasing the volume.

There is also the Controlling Zoom Speed ​​feature that we found during the review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, users can record videos like a professional film. Moreover, this feature can be used with simple settings. Controlling Zoom Speed. This feature allows users to adjust the zoom speed when recording video.

For example, if you want to record a video with a bokeh effect or a blur effect on the background of a recorded subject or object, the user can zoom slowly to focus on the subject or object recorded. Not only that, users can also record videos with dramatic zoom views, such as zooming quickly towards the face of the person you want to highlight.

In addition, the camera on the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra also provides the ability to create slow-motion videos up to 24fps. Interestingly, users can not only record slow-motion videos, but also can make slow-motion videos from ordinary videos. You do this by using the video editor feature that has been provided. In it there is a Speed ​​Control feature that can change standard speed video to slow-motion. The video results will also remain smooth even if the speed is set to 4x slower.

Performance Increase

Regarding performance, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series is supported by the latest chipset, namely the Exynos 990 7nm. Plus, 8GB ROM 256GB RAM support and a 512GB RAM 8GB ROM option. Memory capacity can also be increased up to 1 TB via an external memory slot.

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra uses RAM with a capacity of 8GB using LPDDR5 technology which has been upgraded from the previous series using LPDDR4x technology. LPDDR5 generally has a speed of 6,400 Mb / s which is 50% faster when compared to the speed of LPDDR4X which is at 4266 Mb / s. And interestingly, the faster speed of LPDDR5 RAM even uses 30% more power efficiently compared to LPDDR4X. This in turn will contribute to performance which will affect the ability of a device to perform multi-tasking, as well as the implementation of smart features on the device.

Review of Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra k

Bigger Battery

What is also important, is the matter of endurance in relation to battery capacity. The Samsung Galaxy Series is equipped with a larger capacity battery. The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has a battery capacity of 4,500 mAh. This battery capacity is larger than the Galaxy Note 10 series with a 3,500 mAh battery and the Galaxy Note10 + has a 4,300 mAh battery.

Not only that, but the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is also supported by artificial intelligence technology, which will organize the use of battery power so that it becomes more efficient. The Samsung Galaxy Note supports 25W fast charging. When I reviewed the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and tried to charge it, it only took 30 minutes to be able to charge almost 50%, while until it was full it took about 90 minutes.


The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is the series with the highest specifications compared to the Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 +. And still the same as the Galaxy Note10 Series, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series still targets the same market segment, namely not only professional workers, multimedia entertainment lovers but also content creators and even gamers.

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra for the 256 GB storage variant is priced at Rp. 17,999,000.00 while the 512 storage variant is priced at Rp. 19,999,000.00.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra specifications

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