Prices and advantages of Advan Nasa Plus, HP 800 Thousands for Online Schools

#kamisukareview – In order to support Distance Learning (PJJ) activities that are implemented in each school, ADVAN presenting the latest smartphone product, Advan Nasa Plus to become a School Hero for students and to make it easier for parents to support their children to continue learning effectively even at home.

Through quality smartphone devices at affordable prices, ADVAN also provides free quota bundling packages and KELAS PINTAR packages to support students learning online. That way parents can feel calm in providing learning facilities for their children.

the advantages of advan nasa plus

The advantages of Advan Nasa Plus

“Through the Advan Nasa Plus smartphone, ADVAN provides a convenient distance learning solution, because with its qualified specifications and is able to accommodate all learning activities from home,” said Chandra Tansri, CEO of Advan.

Advan Nasa Plus is a 4G LTE smartphone that is equipped with a 5.5 inch wide screen and is also supported by smooth Wifi to provide comfort when studying at home. With this ability, students can comfortably and smoothly conduct online meetings using the Zoom, Google Meet or Google Class applications.

This smartphone is designed with speakers that use class K Power Amplifier technology, making the sound unmatched, so students can listen to material from school clearly and clearly.

Save any material from any school is fine, because the storage media provided is also large. ADVAN Nasa Plus provides 16GB of internal memory. If it is not enough, you can add up to 128GB using a Micro SD memory card.

In terms of performance, the latest smartphone from ADVAN is equipped with 2GB RAM memory with a Quad Core 1.4GHz processor and a 3000 mAh battery, so that all learning activities at home can be carried out smoothly without worrying about running out of battery in the middle of a lesson.

This smartphone is also equipped with FACE ID SECURITY, so users can instantly open the smartphone and enjoy services without waiting long. Meanwhile, from the camera side ADVAN also immerses a 5 MP and 0.3 MP rear camera with autofocus capabilities. Meanwhile, the front camera is available with a 2MP resolution.

“With affordable prices, sufficient internet quota, adequate features, Advan Nasa Plus can support a more efficient learning process at home, and become a School Hero for students,” added Chandra Tansri.

advan nasa price plus

Collaborating with Smartfren Provides 360GB Quota

Chandra also added that parents also don't need to worry, not only providing devices for learning, Advan Nasa Plus also provides 360GB quota from Smartfren to support learning activities, plus their children also get additional lessons and exercises through bundling from Smart Class.

Bundling Quota Smartfren and Smart Class
Advan Nasa Plus in Smartfren card bundling which comes with free 360GB internet quota for 24 months. In addition, there is also an additional FREE unlimited call package to fellow Smartfren.

Apart from the quota, students also get free access to the Regular Smart Class package for 1 month worth IDR 825 thousand. With this package, students will get online learning solutions with the Smart method from thousands of study materials.

Students will also get practice questions and exams for SD, SMP, SMA, to practice daily test questions, practice semester exams, practice national exam questions.

In addition, there is also a feature to ask questions about subjects to certified, stand by, and expert Smart Class teachers, and immediately get the correct and correct answers.

“Class Smart is committed to ensuring quality education can be enjoyed by all children of the nation. For that, we welcome Advan's efforts in providing the ideal tools for learning in the new normal era, ”explained Fernando Uffie, Founder and CEO of Class Smart.

For Uffie, the collaboration between Smart Class and Advan is more than just a product bundling, but a form of industrial contribution and concern for education.

“During this COVID-19 pandemic, all stake holders need to work hand in hand to jointly eliminate the obstacles of distance learning. And we believe that the presence of Advan Nasa Plus can be a complete solution for the world of education, because it is able to answer the needs of the education world in terms of products, services and data access, “concluded Uffie.

Price of Advan Nasa Plus

Priced at only Rp. 899,000, students will get free Internet quota of up to 360GB, free unlimited calls to fellow smartfren and Free Smart Class Regular, Priority Questions & Questions for 1 month.

Get exclusive Advan Nasa Plus at LAZADA, starting today 20 October, Launching Price Rp. 799,000, plus a Tumbler. Come on Get it now, Nasa Plus School Hero!

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