OPPO Enco W51 Review – Good Audio Quality, Rely on Active Noise Cancellation

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Gadgetren – Now the OPPO Enco W51 is one of OPPO's flagship TWS (True Wireless Stereo) earphones in Indonesia because it presents attractive features and audio quality.

Meanwhile, OPPO Enco W51 also adds to the OPPO product portfolio in the Internet of Things segment that it offers in Indonesia. This product comes with a contemporary design that can attract many people with the naked eye.

With the presence of many TWS earphones in Indonesia, will the OPPO Enco W51 stand up to rival devices in the same price range? For that, you can see my review as follows.

OPPO Enco W51

  • Design – 9/10
  • Audio – 9/10
  • Battery – 10/10
  • Features – 8/10



OPPO Enco W51 is a TWS earphone that comes with an Active Noise Cancellation feature and can last for a long time. The designs presented in this product are also adapted to the user's ear anatomy.


  • ANC technology can reduce environmental noise well
  • Good Audio quality in its class
  • Latency feels low
  • The weight feels light and the design is comfortable on the ear
  • Various Touch Control functions
  • Long lasting battery
  • There are additional Eartips in the sales package


  • Currently the Touch Control customization is special for OPPO phones
  • Touch Control does not yet support volume adjustment

OPPO Enco W51 Package Diagonal

In plain view, I see that the OPPO Enco W51 has a contemporary design that adapts to the shape of the user's ear so that it feels comfortable when it is used to support daily activities, both work and entertainment.

Interestingly, OPPO has also provided this device with additional eartips in its sales package with various sizes ranging from XS, S, to L to suit the user's ear size. In my opinion, the presence of this additional selection of eartips is very helpful because not everyone is immediately compatible with the default eartips from OPPO Enco W51.

The OPPO Enco W51 and the charging case that I received were wrapped in Floral White, which gave an impression of serenity. In addition, the sales package includes a USB Type-C to USB data cable, manual, and warranty card.

OPPO Enco W51 Open Case

The charging case presented by OPPO in the sales package has a small size and light weight so that it can be easily inserted into a trouser pocket. While the body of this case has a glossy material wrapped in white, it is not easy to get dirty when touched or held by hands.

Apart from being a place to store the OPPO Enco W51 earbuds, this charging case is also used to charge the earbud batteries. On the edge of the body, there is a USB Type-C port which functions to charge the charging case battery.

OPPO Enco W51 can connect to cellphones using a Bluetooth connection. The connection process is quite easy, I only need to activate Bluetooth on my cellphone, then open the charging case and take out the earbuds.

OPPO Enco W51 Diagonal

When the earbuds come out of the charging case, the cellphone will detect and ask us to pair or connect. After successfully connecting, we can immediately enjoy video sound, games, or music from our cellphone directly from OPPO Enco W51.

I myself feel that the OPPO Enco W51 is quite comfortable and fits perfectly on the ear. When I listen to music, watch videos, or play games, OPPO Enco W51 is able to deliver clear and good sound.

Moreover, the bass sound can be heard clearly when I listen to music and videos. In my opinion, the latency presented by the OPPO Enco W51 is quite low because it is able to balance the audio and video that appears on the cellphone well and doesn't feel delayed.

OPPO Enco W51 Bottom

Thanks to the support of a dual-core digital reduction chip, three hybrid noise canceling microphones, noise-reducing overhead lines, and dual Active Noise cancellation technology, I can enjoy clear video, music, games, or phone conversations because environmental noise is well suppressed. .

When using it for the first time, the OPPO Enco W51 will immediately activate the ANC feature which is able to reduce sounds from the surrounding environment such as air conditioning, wind, people's conversations, fans, and others smoothly.

In fact, I also feel helped by the ANC feature when having a telephone conversation or video call outside the room because it can reduce the sound from the surrounding environment so that it is not noisy and disturbing.

OPPO Enco W51 Two Earbuds

Practically, the OPPO Enco W51 is also equipped with the Tap Controls feature that uses finger gestures, where if we double-tap the edge of the left earbud, it will activate or deactivate ANC.

If we double-tap the edge of the right earbud, it can play the next song. Meanwhile, if we triple-tap the edge of the right or left earbud, it can activate the voice assistant on the cellphone.

Especially for OPPO cellphones, we can customize Touch Control on OPPO Enco W51 through the earphone settings section. While on the inside of the earbuds there is a sensor that will detect and immediately stop the running music automatically when I remove it from my ear.

OPPO Enco W51 Wear

Based on my experience using OPPO Enco W51 for two weeks, each earbud of this device has a 25mAh capacity battery so it can last for 3.5 hours on one charge with a volume level of 50% and the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature.

Thanks to the presence of a built-in charging case, OPPO Enco W51 is able to have a total battery life of up to 20 hours. Meanwhile, when the ANC feature is deactivated with a volume level of 50%, each earbud of this device can last for 4 hours on a single charge. In addition, the total durability without ANC is 24 hours if we bring a charging case too.

For charging the default case itself has a 480mAh capacity battery. In other words, you can insert the earbuds into the charging case whenever the battery runs out to be recharged.

I myself use the average OPPO Enco W51 for around 7 hours to 9 hours to watch Korean dramas on Netflix, watch videos on Youtube, listen to music on YouTube Music, occasionally play games, or sometimes receive phone calls.

OPPO Enco W51 Earbuds with Case

If the earbuds and charging case are completely discharged, then you can charge them from 0% to 100% in just 80 minutes when charging using the charger cable. Actually, OPPO Enco W51 is also equipped with Wireless Charging, but I don't have a Wireless Pad that supports this feature because it is sold separately.

OPPO Enco W51 is equipped with an IP54 certificate which proves that it is resistant to splashes of water and dust so that we can use it for outdoor activities and sports. However, it is not recommended to use these earphones during extreme sports to prevent damage from excessive perspiration.

After two weeks of use, I feel that the OPPO Enco W51 delivers good performance for TWS earphones at the price of Rp. 1,299,000. Moreover, this product comes with an attractive sound quality and support for Active Noise Cancellation.

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