Tips for Saving Internet Quota During a Pandemic

#kamisukareview – Not only the need for digital devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones, but people also need smooth internet access. But we also have to save on internet quota, especially during a pandemic like now.

The work and school from home policy during Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) made various offline activities now switch to online (online). Community needs during a pandemic are now increasing along with work and school activities that must be done from home.

Tips for Saving Internet Quota During a Pandemic

The rapidly increasing consumption of internet access is unavoidable during a pandemic like now. Not only to do work and school online, but the current lifestyle of people that leads to a digital lifestyle ultimately demands non-stop data quota.

For example, streaming viewing consumption patterns have now occurred in society. The behavior of enjoying watching television for free has now begun to shift to paid viewing that can be accessed via mobile devices and requires a large data quota.

As revealed from the results of the 2020 Social Demographic Impact of COVID-19 Survey conducted by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), there has been an increase in internet use after the implementation of the work from home (WFH) policy.

As many as 56.55 percent of respondents admitted that their need for internet credit had increased after the pandemic. This additional need has indirectly contributed to the very large data consumption. If not controlled, this data consumption pattern will continue to drain consumers' wallets.

Several telecommunications operators in the country have provided internet data packages at affordable rates for Distance Learning (PJJ) activities. However, it would be nice if we control the use of internet data quota on smartphone devices.

Not many smartphone devices can control internet data quota. New product OPPO, Reno4 F can be the right choice because it provides features to save quota.

Users only need a short and quick setup. To do this, the user enters the settings menu or Settings, then selects the SIM card & cellular data option (SIM Card & Mobile Data).

At the bottom there is a data usage option (Data Usage). After logging in, the user can limit the use of cellular data in the Mobile Data Limit section.

There, users can make adjustments to the monthly data limit (Set monthly data limit) and can also activate the notification feature (Set monthly data warning) which notifies when data usage has almost reached the given limit.

In addition, users are also given a power saving mode through Data Saving. When this feature is activated, applications that work in the background, such as e-mail, Instant Messaging, and social networking applications, cannot use data quota.

Meanwhile, the application that is active in front (foreground) can be set to save data, for example, to reduce image resolution.

When this feature is active, a Data Saving icon will appear in the status bar at the top of the screen. Users also cannot use the network tethering function or share a Wi-Fi internet connection from a smartphone.

In an era where digitalization must be done due to pandemic restrictions, we must be smart in managing various expenses, including purchasing data packages.

By wisely saving on data quota via smartphone devices such as OPPO Reno4 F, we can still connect with others while being comfortable doing online activities such as school or meetings.

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