Mediatek Releases AI i350 Edge Platform for AIoT Products

#kamisukareviewMediaTek announced i350, an integrated Edge AI platform, equipped with a dedicated APU (AI processor) and digital signal processor (DSP) for AIoT products that require edge image and sound processing.

The i350 provides powerful Edge AI processing for applications with capabilities such as facial, object, gesture and gesture recognition, license plate recognition (LPR), voice activation and voice recognition, sound isolation, and biotech measurement and biometrics.

Mediatek Releases AI i350 Edge Platform

“With the increasing popularity of AIoT image and sound applications, companies are looking for highly integrated solutions like the i350 that accelerate development time and support multiple multimedia and connectivity solutions,” said Henry Yeh, AGM of AIoT's business unit, MediaTek. “The i350 platform features advanced AI Edge processing at extremely low power consumption for a wide range of future smart home, commercial and industrial applications.”

The i350 Edge AI platform is built on a power efficient 14nm process, and has an APU and DSP for powerful and power-efficient Edge AI processing. Supported for high-definition displays with touch interfaces and rich applications, the i350 is an ideal platform for smart devices, smart access, vending machines, kiosk and sales systems in retail and commercial, as well as a wide variety of industrial and medical environments.

The MediaTek i350 integrates a 2GHz quad-core Arm Cortex-53 CPU and the high-performance Arm Mali G52 GPU. The i350 supports high definition cameras up to 13MP, and also supports fast video encoding with HEVC at Full HD @ 60fps for next-generation applications that require detailed and reliable image and video capture capabilities.

In addition, the platform's support for common APIs such as OpenGL ES, OpenCL and Vulkan makes it easy for companies to develop innovative applications for devices using the i350.

The i350 supports Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth 5, GNSS and FM radio for a variety of connectivity options. The platform also supports a wide range of memory and flash options to help OEMs reduce material costs and meet performance requirements. The i350 chipset is expected to empower AIoT ecosystem partners in developing innovative applications that take advantage of the platform's AI capabilities.

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