Note, Realme Watch S Will Be Announced November 2nd

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Photo: REALME WATCH S Teaser From @pakistan_realme

Realme Watch S is the latest smartwatch from Realme which will be announced on November 2, this is based on official information via the Realme Pakistan twitter account, besides information about the launch, it also provides a design teaser or appearance of Realme Watch S and some of its main features have also been confirmed to have a heart rate monitor and blood oxygen, 16 sport modes and the Smartwatch can also be used for 15 days.

Realme Watch S Design and When to Release

The Realme Watch S design is likely to have four different color choices for the strap such as Black, Green, Blue and Light Brown, Realme Watch S has a new design that is different from the already launched Realme Watch with a square design, Realme Watch S has a new round design. with two classic players on the right.

Difference between Realme Watch S and Pro


Speculation about the Realme Watch S series, reportedly there is also a Pro series, but it has not been confirmed by the company, as reported by the Mysmartprice site which found the leak of the US FCC certification suspected to be Realme Watch S Pro, possibly arriving with a 1.39-inch AMOLED touch screen and packed with a battery capacity 420 mAh, while the Realme Watch S is confirmed to come with a 1.3-inch touch screen that has automatic lighting settings, if the Realme Watch S will be announced on November 2, then for Realme Watch S Pro the rumors will be announced next month.

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