The Samsung C-Safe application makes it easy to update Covid-19 info

#kamisukareviewSamsung Electronics Indonesia presents the Samsung C-Safe application, an application that helps the public to find out about developments during a pandemic so that they are always alert and provide information to maintain mental and physical health. Includes information and programs to support the user's healthy lifestyle.

This application contains information: national Covid-19 statistical data in the area where the user is located, the risk level of the zone where the user is or the place he wants to visit, a list of referral hospitals and Covid-19 test providers around the user's area.

Samsung C-Safe Android App

Now the Samsung C-Safe application can be downloaded through the Galaxy Store and Play Store for Android smartphone users, and can be accessed through Provides information on the display of risk levels in the zone where the user is located, along with Covid-19 statistics, a list of referral hospitals and Covid-19 test providers in the area or at the place you want to visit.

“Samsung C-Safe is made by young Indonesians under the auspices of Samsung Research Indonesia. Listening to consumers who are facing a pandemic together and trying to keep their distance for the good of ourselves and those around us is the background for the creation of the Samsung C-Safe application.

“After downloading Samsung C-Safe, simply by opening the application, the user can immediately find out about the pandemic conditions in the vicinity or the destination if he needs to do activities outside the home. Pandemic zone data and hospital information will be collected from the official website of the regulatory authorities.

“Through this information, we hope that the Indonesian people can protect themselves, their families and the surrounding community, as well as always be vigilant, especially when in unsafe zones,” said Denny Galant, Head of IM Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

Samsung C-Safe Android Application

Three easy steps to use the application:

The Samsung C-Safe Android application, in addition to providing pandemic zone information, can serve as an information center for users who want to take a Covid-19 test by providing information on the closest hospital to the location that provides this service, as well as to find referral hospitals.

  • Open the Play Store or Galaxy Store and search for “Samsung C-Safe”
  • Download the Samsung C-Safe app
  • The application is ready to use

Apart from being aware of the surrounding environment, people are also encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle so that their immunity increases, such as regular exercise, consumption of healthy foods, and maintaining stress levels.

On Samsung C-Safe, there is the latest health information and news, including reminding users to wash their hands regularly because this application is integrated with the Wash Hand application. Users can also choose various sports training programs through the Samsung Health application which is also integrated with the Samsung C-Safe application.

Especially for users of the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, a healthy lifestyle to maintain a strong immune system can also be helped by the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch3 smartwatch which has the SpO2 feature, which is a feature to measure oxygen levels in the blood or a Sleep Tracker to ensure adequate and quality rest.

Users who want to exercise regularly can also participate in various exercise programs that are available for free on the Samsung Health application that is connected to the Galaxy Watch3. When you need a break from a busy life, enjoying entertainment and games via a Samsung Galaxy smartphone helps users reduce stress and maintain health.

“We continue to develop this application. In the next phase, this application will also automatically provide alerts to the user when he is traveling. Information on the condition of the area or zone where the user is located will be immediately displayed on the screen of the Galaxy smartphone or the screen of the Galaxy Watch3, Watch Active2, or the Watch connected to the smartphone, “added Denny Galant.

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