#kamisukareview – Did you know that there are some secret features Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series that not many people know about? Through the Hidden Feature Workshop event some time ago, Lucky Sebastian discussed in full the hidden features he had found.

For your information, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 does have a variety of powerful features that increasingly support users' work and play, making users more productive in doing the things they love.

“I am always enthusiastic every time Samsung introduces a new product. Not only Samsung can feature features that can enhance the experience of its users. And I discovered new things in productivity, camera and performance features when using the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series. ” Said Lucky Sebastian, Tech Reviewer.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Secret Features

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series already has features that really support productivity such as Samsung DeX and Link to Windows. While Samsung DeX is very useful when users want to make presentations, the Link to Windows feature can easily transfer files on the user's Galaxy Note20 Series to your PC device, or vice versa.

Let's take a peek, what are the secret features of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series:

1. Myfiles application for transferring multiple files

However, transferring files one by one using drag and drop does take a long time. In this event, Lucky explained that by utilizing the myfiles application, users can easily transfer multiple files from the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series device to a PC.

Through this myfiles application, users can mark all files that we want to transfer to the desktop on the PC, then users only need to drag and drop them to the PC device, and all the marked files will be transferred automatically.

2. Samsung Notes create signature on the seal

Then, using Samsung Notes users can also easily sign documents on a stamp duty. By pressing the attachment button on Samsung Notes, selecting a stamp image from the gallery, then adjusting the size and location of the stamp on the document you want to sign.

Users can also directly sign the files using the S Pen. Finally, users only need to convert documents that have been made into pdf or Microsoft Word.

For users who have a busy schedule, the Calendar feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series can indeed help you remember important schedules. However, the box shown on the Calendar is quite small, making it difficult for us to write.

Zooming will take some time, making the experience less efficient. With the Galaxy Note20 secret feature, the secret to writing in any blank area on the calendar, then using the lasso feature, the writing can be dragged and dropped easily on the desired date.

4.The secret 50x zoom feature on the Galaxy Note20

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra comes with a 108 MP camera feature, providing the ability for the best features of Samsung such as a recording mode with 8K quality in 24fps and UHD quality at 120fps, selection of 16: 9 and 21: 9 recording resolutions, adjustable zoom speed, and multi-source microphone makes your creativity even more powerful and provides the best photo quality and high resolution, with a zoom capacity of up to 30 times.

This zoom capacity, although it can be used for camera use, does not function optimally when it is used to take video, where users can only zoom up to 20 times.

For the workaround of this feature, users can access camera mode, zoom in 50 times with the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, then press and hold the shutter button, the user will automatically activate the video recording mode without changing modes.

5. Set the camera choke sound with Bixby

Users must have noticed that by using silent mode, users can take pictures without making a 'chuck' sound. However, this is often a problem, especially when we forget to turn off silent mode and miss important calls.

However, by adjusting the settings in Bixby, the user can specifically adjust the behavior of the phone for each application that will be used. Users can set to use the silent mode as long as the user accesses the camera application, so that the Galaxy Note20 Series users will not make a 'tick' sound when used to take pictures. Best of all, the user's smartphone will still ring, after the user exits the camera app.

6. Make greeting cards with augmented reality

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series is equipped with an Augmented Reality feature that gives users the ability to be able to provide unique greeting cards, but there are still many users who don't know how to maximize this feature.

Even though the method is quite easy, users only need to access the Augmented Reality menu on the camera application, then shoot the photo that the user wants to make the base for augmented reality, and select the link to picture, here the user can choose between video and photo. After that, every time the Samsung Galaxy Note20 camera shoots an image that is used as a base, the camera will automatically play the video / image that the user makes as Augmented Reality.

This smartphone has a Super AMOLED 2x screen that can support 120 fps with FHD + quality, and a 240Hz touch response rate which increases the response rate of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 series.

7. Use 120hz refresh rate in power saving

One of the complaints of users when using the 120hz refresh rate is that the battery drains quickly on the Galaxy Note20 Series, this problem can actually be resolved by using the medium power saving feature.

However, using medium power saving makes users lose the 120Hz refresh rate feature, so that the user experience in enjoying content is not optimal. Lucky provides a grid on how users don't lose the 120hz refresh rate even in a medium power saving state.

Namely, by accessing the Bixby Routine, and adding a new routine with the name Medium Power Saving to set this routine to automatically change the smartphone's power mode to medium power saving when selected. Then drag and drop it to an easily accessible place on the 'home' page and the routine will automatically turn into a widget.

Next go to settings, and set the screen settings to be adaptive 120Hz. Finally, activate the Medium Power Saving widget that we created earlier. And users will see how the mode has changed to a power saving mode, but the screen refresh rate quality remains at 120Hz.

8. Galaxy Note 20 secret feature: SVOD settings

Speaking of enjoying content, the SVOD service does automatically select the optimal resolution for the user's device. However, because the screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 is optimally setting SVOD at FHD resolution (1080p), users have to manually change the settings when watching content.

Lucky gave a leak that by adjusting the SVOD application settings in Bixby's settings, users can set so that every time the user uses a certain SVOD service, the user can set the screen resolution to 1440p.

In fact, users can set the application to automatically use the features of Dolby Atmos so that when users enjoy SVOD content, the resolution will automatically become 1440p and use features from Dolby Atmos for immersive sound quality.

9. Game Booster Galaxy Note20 Series features

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 is equipped with the Exynos990 chipset which is supported by the Mali-G77 MP11 GPU which supports the ability to process 3D graphics with premium quality. This capability of the Exynos990 is supported by 8GB of GDDR6x RAM which further speeds up the Samsung Galaxy Note20's ability to process.

Coupled with the Game Booster feature which further enhances the user experience when playing games using the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series. However, if we want to increase the Game Booster capabilities that the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series already has.

Lucky gave tips that with Game Plugins on the Samsung Galaxy Store, through this application, users can further control the settings of the game they want to play, whether they want to prioritize maximum performance or graphic quality. In addition, after playing the game, users can also analyze the performance of the Processor, GPU, temperature, FPS, and so on from the games that have been played.

10. Use the S Pen to make Whatsapp stickers

In addition, Lucky Sebastian also provided a tutorial on how to use the S Pen to create Whatsapp stickers. With the low latency of the S Pen which makes the editing process easier, users only need to select the image that they want to be used as a sticker in the gallery, then edit it using the lasso tool, and the image can be easily cropped after which the image is saved to the gallery.

Then by using a third-party application, users only need to import the edited image as a basic material for making Whatsapp stickers.

“Samsung understands that the work and play of users must be supported by optimal features and technology. In the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Series, we are committed to delivering products that can support user performance and enhance Power to Work and Power to Play. “Concluded Taufiqul Furqan, Product Marketing Manager of Samsung Mobile Samsung Electronics Indonesia.

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