TikTok and Telkomsel Provide Special Quota and Digital Literacy Degrees

#kamisukareviewTikTok, a short video destination platform and Telkomsel, Indonesia's leading digital telecommunications company, announced a strategic partnership. Aims to enhance exploring and inspiring experiences through fast internet access.

This partnership is also here to provide inspiration and a positive environment for the younger generation. Especially for TikTok users and 160 million Telkomsel users spread throughout Indonesia.

Tiktok and Telkomsel collaboration

The YouGov study shows that 54% of people choose short videos to be the best content to express creativity, which reveals that 40% of them need music media to support them to support these creative ideas.

This shows that the presence of interactive content with audio and visual collaboration is an attractive format to convey creative content ideas.

This is what underlies TikTok's strategic partnership with Telkomsel through the same mission, which is to support the creativity of young people in the digital era through several activities, including:

The availability of the special TikTok quota in the Kuota Ketengan data package, UnlimitedMAX, and Combo Sakti. This effort is expected to make it easier for users to convey their creative expressions through a short video format on TikTok, with fast and affordable internet access.

Conducting webinars with the theme of digital literacy, including increasing understanding of the potential for cybercrime in the digital era and providing tips for participants to become wise digital citizens.

This webinar will be held on November 5, 2020, involving researchers from the Center for Digital Society (CfDS) and technology and information experts, Onno W Purbo.

cooperation between TikTok and Telkomsel

“We are grateful that in the midst of these challenging conditions, many Indonesians have made TikTok their home to create, a place to build together and where they can be themselves,” said Vanessa Brown, Director of Business Development, TikTok SEA.

“For this reason, we warmly welcome this partnership. We are pleased to be working with the largest telecommunications service provider in Indonesia, Telkomsel, to provide the best experience and use the internet more positively. “

The same thing was conveyed by Adhi Putranto, Vice President of Prepaid Consumer Telkomsel, “Digital literacy is important to provide convenience for people in living a digital lifestyle.

“Therefore, Telkomsel is enthusiastic about partnering with TikTok because we share the same vision in maintaining the usefulness of the internet for the community.

“This collaboration also continues Telkomsel's previous efforts through the Internet BAIK (Responsible, Safe, Inspirational, and Creative) initiative in providing security and convenience for the community in accessing cyberspace.”

Adhi then added, “This collaborative effort is in line with Telkomsel's commitment as a leading digital telco company, which makes collaboration the foundation in developing a more inclusive and sustainable digital ecosystem in Indonesia.

“We also open the door for other stakeholders to create more collaborative efforts in the use of the internet and technology in Indonesia through increasing literacy about cybersecurity for all societies equally.”

Apart from collaborating with TikTok, Telkomsel's attention to cybersecurity literacy in the community has also been manifested through the Internet BAIK program.

Internet BAIK focuses on protecting internet users, especially children and adolescents as digital natives, from the negative impacts of cyberspace. Until now, Internet BAIK has provided education to tens of cities, hundreds of schools, as well as tens of thousands of students, parents and teachers.

“Increasing digital literacy requires continuous efforts. By partnering with Telkomsel, we believe we can embrace more people to empower themselves in expressing their creativity on digital platforms, “said Angga Anugrah Putra, Head of User and Content Operations, TikTok Indonesia.

In line with Telkomsel, user safety and comfort are TikTok's top priorities. Apart from providing users with various security features, such as private accounts, comment filters, Family Pairing, and live reporting features.

TikTok also holds various collaborations and activities to educate users about digital security, including about cyber bullying and safe surfing.

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