#kamisukareviewFacebook finally succeeded in realizing the big step he had planned for almost two years, namely combining Facebook Messenger and Instagram Chat. That way, the system allows users to exchange messages on all of their mobile applications.

Integrating Instagram chat with Facebook Messenger is the first step that Facebook has successfully applied. This is in line with his grand plan to integrate the use of his trident big application, namely Instragram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger so they can communicate directly with each other.

Facebook and Instagram integration
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Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM integration

This plan has actually been announced since 2018, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg said the reason for integrating this is to make it easier for users to send messages across applications belonging to the Facebook Group. However, this will be realized in 2020 or will run perfectly in the following year.

“We are connecting the Messenger experience and Instagram to bring some of the best features of Messenger to Instagram, so that you have the best access experience for messaging, no matter what application you use,” Facebook wrote in its official announcement.

This is a big step for Facebook to continue to be the most popular social media platform worldwide by minimizing too many messaging apps.

Currently too many messaging applications are very confusing for the user. So this is done so that users no longer tend to forget which particular conversation they had.

Facebook also wrote, “In our study, four out of five people who use messaging applications in the United States said that spending time connecting with friends and family with these applications is very important to them.

“However, one in three people sometimes find it difficult to remember which application they have the conversation series on. With this update, it makes it easier for you to connect with friends and family without having to remember what application was used. “

Furthermore, Facebook explained, “The main change is that people who use the Messenger application can reach you on Instagram without having to download a new application and vice versa.

“You can also control where you want to receive messages and calls, such as in your chats, in message requests or not at all.”

Facebook and Instagram Messenger users can interact with each other by sending messages between the two applications without having to have both applications, and the series of conversations carried out on Messenger can also be seen on Instagram DM.

However, messages and calls that have been on Instagram DM before, will only be on Instagram. This cross-platform merger also brings new and exciting features worth checking out.

How to Use New Features

Starting yesterday (28/10) Instagram users have been able to try this latest feature on their accounts, it's very easy, let's learn:

  • Users only need to open an Instagram account then click the application traffic message notification on the Instagram account, then agree to the option to update, then select continue to renew.
  • Then follow the steps to install new features according to the instructions and directions from the Instagram application to then link the Instagram account to the user's Facebook account, then automatically the Facebook Massanger message has been integrated into the user's Instagram massage directory, good luck!

Key Features

Facebook has also leaked information if they will soon bring interesting features in stages that are very worthy of the wait for millennials using Messenger and Instagram.

The following features in the collaboration:

  • Selfie Stickers: This feature is a combination of “boomerang, emoji and selfie” which can be used when exchanging messages.
  • Chat Colors: With this feature, users can add a color or gradient to the chat column on both platforms.
  • Custom Emoji Reactions: Now, users can create favorite emoji shortcuts to respond quickly to friends' messages.
  • Vanish Mode: This is a feature that can immediately delete messages after viewing or when the conversation has been closed.
  • Watch Together: This feature allows users to watch videos on Facebook Watch, IGTV, Reels, TV shows and movies, etc., with friends and family while making video calls.
  • Message Controls: Just like Instagram Direct in general, users can control which messages can be received and not.
  • Enhanced Reporting and Blocking Updates: Now, users can report full conversations in addition to single messages on Instagram and receive proactive blocking suggestions on both platforms when adding accounts in the New Account Center.

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