How to Get Rid of Status Typing on WhatsApp

#kamisukareview – WhatsApp has become an interesting and widely used application, we have a number of Tricks in using the application, one of which is how to remove the status “currently typing”.

Sometimes some of the users are not comfortable with the status of “Typing” or “Typing” on WhatsApp, so in this article we have a way to remove that status on WhatsApp.

To do this we need a third party application, some of the existing third party applications are GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and OG WhatsApp.

How to Get Rid of Status Typing WhatsApp

The following are the steps to do this:

1. The first step we have to do is download one of the third-party applications, in this case we select the application WhatsApp Plus

2. For information, when we install the WhatsApp Plus application, make sure to uninstall the old WhatsApp application. (Make sure todata backup first)

3. Enter the WhatsApp Plus application that has been installed, then enter the mobile number you are using.

4. When finished, enter the settings menu (click the dot icon button in the upper right corner), then select settings privacy

5. Look for options 'Writing status' then deactivate these options.

Run the WhatsApp Plus application and it should be your opponent chat You now can't see your status while typing.

In addition, WhatsApp introduced a new privacy setting and invitations system that can determine who can join group conversations on WhatsApp.

Continuing WhatsApp's commitment to providing the best private messaging experience for the entire community, including preventing the spread of misinformation.

As the most used messaging application in Indonesia, WhatsApp consistently connects family, friends, colleagues, and many other relatives.

When they want to join a group for important conversations, they also hope to gain more control over the conversation.

The most recent privacy settings for the Group are based on a number of steps taken, including in product updates and public awareness campaigns to help address misinformation issues.

By utilizing digital technology that will help them build communities, create economic impact and advance the lives of people in Indonesia.

New privacy settings and invitations system has been introduced that can determine who can join chat groups on WhatsApp.

To activate it, you can open Settings or Settings within the app, then tap Account> Privacy> Groups and select one of the following three options: “Everyone”, “My Contacts,” or “My Contacts Except.”

“My Contacts” means only users registered in your contact list can add you to a group and “My Contacts Except” offers an additional setting to sort out who on your contact list can add you.

Admins who are unable to add you to the group will be asked to send a personal invitation via individual chat, which gives you the choice of whether you are interested in joining the group.

You are given the opportunity to decide to accept the invitation within three days of the deadline.

With these new features, users have more control over the group messages they receive. This new privacy setting has been rolled out to several users since yesterday and will be available to those using the latest version worldwide in the coming days.

In addition to the latest privacy settings, WhatsApp will launch an invitation to encourage users to stay safe.

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