#kamisukareview – Taking care of the HP battery turns out to be important. If our battery has a problem or drops, of course it can be troublesome especially at an important time. Imagine when we are ordering transportation online or making an emergency call, but the cellphone battery suddenly drops and we don't have a power bank.

Maybe some of us have experienced running out of smartphone power when we are outside and away from the power outlet. Currently, smartphones have become a “must carry” device when we travel. If the battery has a problem, it can be done.

It's no secret, not only because of its function as a mere communication tool, smartphones now seem to be personal assistants that can meet the needs of its users through its built-in functions and features.

Currently, most consumers are eyeing the advantages of each smartphone product before deciding to buy it. Regardless of the external appearance design, consumers see a smartphone from the quality of the camera, memory capacity, RAM size, to battery life.

And the battery is now starting to be one of the factors that cellphone users pay attention to. No wonder, we have to choose a cellphone with an adequate battery capacity, then we must be good at caring for it. Here are the tips, you know.

Tips for Caring for an Android HP Battery

Of course, it makes us feel uncomfortable and worried if the smartphone immediately turns off. The durability of the HP battery that runs out quickly often makes us wonder and suspect that something is wrong with the device.

Often we also think of it because we are charging the smartphone battery in a short time. There may also be other opinions that say the cause is because we are charging in the intensity of time enough often to cause long-term damage to the battery. Both of these assumptions are actually not quite right.

In fact, a website from battery company Cadex called Battery University (batteryuniversity.com) details the lithium-ion batteries in smartphones that are sensitive to their own 'stress' version.

Like humans, prolonged stress can damage the smartphone battery life in the long run. So, if you want to keep your smartphone battery durable and keep your HP battery in prime condition, you need to know a few things related to battery life.

You should not allow it to charge when the battery is fully charged. The act of accidentally leaving the charger plug attached to the smartphone as you do when you fall asleep at night, might be bad for the battery in the long run.

Many people think of tips on caring for the battery by charging it when going to sleep and leaving it 100% fully charged in the morning. Even though this method is not right, because when the smartphone battery is fully charged, the device actually gets power to keep it 100% in a position where the charger remains plugged in.

This actually puts the battery in a high stress and high voltage state, which has the potential to erode the chemicals in it, causing the battery to quickly break down or leak. There are even cases where the device allows it to spark and then catches fire. Usually this case occurs because consumers do not use the original charger adapter.

In order to anticipate overcharging the smartphone battery, OPPO presents the latest feature on the Reno4 F in the form of AI Night Charging. This feature will stop drawing current from the OPPO Reno4 F battery charger once the capacity reaches 100%.

This feature was developed with artificial intelligence (AI), which has the ability to learn user habits when charging their cellphones before bedtime. AI Night Charging will limit the charging time when the battery has reached 100% charge.

Other battery care tips, you should charge the battery as soon as possible when the battery is running low. You don't need to wait for recharging until the smartphone is completely dead or the battery capacity reaches 0%.

Charging a battery when it is empty will take longer than when there is less than half the charge remaining. Ideally, when the smartphone battery indicator shows a level of around 35% or 40%, then charge it immediately.

This actually applies not only to OPPO smartphones and can be applied to almost all other Android devices so that battery capacity is maintained. So, how are the tips on caring for the battery this time? Does it help?

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